Speciality Brands, the premium spirits agency, is capitalising on Waterford’s successful introduction to the UK and launching Grattansbrook 1.1, the first Single Farm Origin whisky available exclusively in the market.

The whisky is the first release from the 2015 harvest of Taberna barley from Grattansbrook farm in Co. Kildare. Situated on a flat, fertile flood plain of the River Barrow, Andrew Bergin’s family have farmed here for nine generations. The farm follows the ‘Farming for Nature’ protocol, managing the land to bring biological benefits to its limestone soil.

Grattansbrook 1.1 is non-chill-filtered and has been aged for over three years and ten months in multiple casks including first-fill, virgin US & French oak. It shows great depth of flavour with an ever-evolving complexity.

Chris Seale, Managing Director, Speciality Brands says “Waterford launched to great acclaim last year as the quality of the spirit and its modern, disruptive approach have both resonated with British whisky enthusiasts. We’re thrilled to be releasing the  first UK exclusive, Grattansbrook 1.1. This is an exceptional whisky which really stood out for us and we’re hoping its distinctive character will appeal to whisky drinkers across the country”. 

The new whisky will be available at specialist retailers and selected on-trade outlets from this month. The launch will be supported by dedicated tastings run by Speciality Brands’ team of whisky ambassadors.

Waterford’s Single Farm Origin series explores Irish “teireoir”, focusing on different types of barley, grown in different areas of Ireland with various microclimates and growing conditions to demonstrate how it affects the flavour of the whisky.

In an effort to encourage drinkers to further explore their whiskies, each Waterford bottle carries a unique digital number – the TÉIREOIR code – which introduces the Irish farm and its farmers, the casks used to compose the whisky and an array of media. Grattansbrook 1.1 code can be seen here.

Waterford Grattansbrook 1.1 is available from 6 April 2021 via Speciality Brands RRP:  £70

For sales inquiries please contact sales@ specialitybrands.com


Tasting notes: Waterford Grattansbrook 1.1 Single Malt has a rich texture with a dry and oily finish. Notes of raisins, cocoa powder, marzipan, green tea, white grapes and brown sugar can be found on the nose, accompanied by citrus zest, toffee, exotic spices and banana on the palate.

About Waterford:

There’s been a brewery here on the banks of the River Suir since 1792. Today’s Waterford Distillery, the technological marvel we call the Facilitator, enables us to create elite whisky. State-of-the-art equipment marries with ancient knowledge, local Irish barley with extended fermentations, unhurried distillation with a spectrum of exceptional oak. Thus we can reveal the ultimate expression of terroir, farm by farm, harvest by harvest. Unique distillates, new starting points, & beguiling expressions of place. After maturing for several years in the best of French and American oak, we believe these component “single”, single malts – a solo voice, a solo terroir – each one exhibiting its own nuances, will come together a chorus of flavours layering on top of each other, the total sum of its parts, making what we humbly believe to be most profound single malt whisky ever created. It is this whisky that we are striving for – our ambition, our destination, our raison d’être.

This year, Waterford was awarded with the prestigious Global Icons of Whisky Brand Innovator of the year for 2021. 

About Speciality Brands:

Speciality Brands is a premium drinks agency representing some of the world’s finest spirits, including Nikka, Kavalan, Michter’s, Diplomático, Cocchi, Beluga, Black Tot rum and Tapatio. A dedicated team of well-respected drinks industry personalities including award-winning mixologists, top brand ambassadors, experienced account managers and marketing experts is led by Managing Director Chris Seale. The agency’s passion is delivering first class products, in-depth educational trainings and impeccable service levels to the premium on-trade and retail sectors.


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