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New Bottle Sharing Project Seeks To Unite Online Whisky Content Creators 

Cheshire-based whisky brokers Mark Littler LTD are looking for UK based whisky bloggers, reviewers or vloggers to be part of a new bottle sharing project.

The concept behind the project is simple: Mark produces a history or guide about the particular bottle in question on his YouTube channel, and then posts the bottle to another creator to pour themselves a dram and review.  They then sign the bottle and it gets posted to another reviewer who does the same.  When there is only one dram left in the bottle it is returned to Mark to enjoy.

The first bottle used for this ‘round robin’ series is a Macallan Edition 6 and has so far been enjoyed by Vin PF from No Nonsense Whisky (YouTube), Anthony from New Dram Drinker (YouTube), Etienne from themaltcask (Instagram) and is currently with Angus MacRaild from WhiskyFun.

Mark Littler LTD are now looking for more UK-based reviewers, bloggers and vloggers to join in the project.  Mark says “The creative community dedicates so much time and energy to the content they produce and can be quite isolating.  This project is a way for us all to be part of a collective experience at a time when we can’t meet at festivals, or anywhere for that matter.”

Although some reviewers receive free samples from companies, many pay for the bottles which they review which limits what whiskies they are able to try.  This project is a way for creators to review bottles and make content around bottles that would not otherwise be available to them.  Future bottles set to be part of the series include bottles of Macallan 2018 Sherry Oak, a 1980s Yamazaki 12 Year Old, and a Midleton Very Rare 2021 poised to send to those lucky enough to be part of the project.

If you are a blogger, vlogger or reviewer based in the UK and want to part of the series contact Mark Littler via

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