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Cù Bòcan Unlocks the Unusual
with an Experimental Brand Film

Cù Bòcan has released a new brand film, designed to unlock the unusual, and bring the brand and product range to life on screen.

The experimental Highland Single Malt is distilled every winter in limited batches and made with lightly peated Scottish barley for its signature wisp of smoke. Cù Bòcan also explores innovative maturations, creating whiskies full of intrigue and surprise. The brand film set out to convey these messages within an abstract and modern story arc.

As well as the brand film, three short product films were also produced for each single malt within the range.

The current Cù Bòcan range comprises of three products, the Signature malt matured in Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and North American Virgin Oak casks, and the first two creations, Creation #1 matured in Black Isle Brewery Imperial Stout and Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal wine casks and Creation #2 matured in Japanese Shochu and European Virgin Oak casks. Each single malt offers an exploration in the subtleties of smoke, the character of the casks and the mastery of maturation. Bottled at 46% ABV, the range is non-chill filtered, natural in colour and carries a no age statement.

Cù Bòcan partnered with filmmaker, cinematographer and Director of Scene it Media, Scott Remy, to create a truly innovative and captivating cinematic experience. Scott, “I have always believed the most important aspect of film-making is emotion. Leaving an impression on the viewer and telling an honest story that is memorable. It’s been really fun making these for Cù Bòcan and so great to create something as unique as they have turned out to be.”

Speaking on the film, Brand Manager Julia Mackillop explains, “in the absence of being able to invite visitors to our brand home we wanted to deliver our story to a global audience in the most visual way possible, showcasing our Highland location, winter production but most importantly our experimental spirit. It was a pleasure to work locally with Scene it Media, who truly brought this project to life”.

Cù Bòcan is available in specialist shops worldwide with an RRP of £45 and £60 per 700ml bottle for the Signature, and Creations #1 and #2 respectively.


1. Cù Bòcan is a Highland Single Malt distilled, matured and produced at the Tomatin Distillery (near Inverness), famous for its portfolio of brands including Tomatin Highland Single Malt, The Antiquary, The Talisman and Big T.

2. In 2005, the decision was made to produce a peated single malt and for the last week of production that year a batch of Optic Barley peated to 15ppm was used to produce about 60,000 litres of lightly peated spirit which was filled into a variety of different cask types.

3. Then, on September 3rd 2013 this lightly peated whisky produced at Tomatin was released as Cù Bòcan – A single malt at 15ppm matured in a combination of Bourbon, Sherry and Virgin Oak casks. Since then, the Cù Bòcan brand has grown with a number of vintage releases as part of the brand limited edition collection.

4. The rebrand, August 2019, positions the brand as a celebration in the subtleties of smoke and perfectly balanced sweetness. It is an experimental Highland Single Malt that explores innovative maturation to create whiskies full of intrigue and surprise. It is made with lightly peated Scottish barley, distilled every winter in limited batches and matured
in a variety of interesting casks to unlock unusual flavours.

5. The distillery is owned by Japanese company Takara Shuzo: http://www.takarashuzo.co.jp/english/index.html

6. Website: www.cu-bocan.com
a. Facebook: www.facebook.com/cubocan
b. Twitter: www.twitter.com/cubocanwhisky
c. Instagram: www.instagram.com/cubocanwhisky
d. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFfCCt2Wkep2Z_pr3PnpVHw

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