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December 2020, Limerick: Sailor’s Home, an innovative, contemporary and premium new Irish whiskey brand hailing from Limerick, has launched its first range of three truly unique expressions in the UK; The Haven, The Journey and The Horizon. Crafted by legendary master whiskey maker Dr. Jack Ó’Sé; Sailor’s Home’s distinct flavours have been shaped by an adventurous approach to blending, ageing and finishing. Sailor’s Home seeks to take drinkers on a new journey, with flavours that push the boundaries of what is expected of a premium Irish Whiskey.


Inspired by the rugged and untamed Wild Atlantic Way on the Western coast of Ireland and the original Sailor’s Home, a shelter built for the international community of seafarers travelling through the port of Limerick from Spain, America and the Caribbean in the 1800s; Sailor’s Home and Dr. Jack Ó’Sé’s approach to making whiskey is clear – to respect tradition and paths well-travelled, whilst forging a new and innovative approach to Irish Whiskey that places taste above all.

Using his 40+ years of experience blending Irish whiskey and his insatiable thirst for learning and innovation, Dr. Jack has brought this vision to life and pushed the boundaries of traditional Irish Whiskey with three distinctive expressions, created to be enjoyed by adventurous drinkers and bartenders seeking out new flavour experiences, in great places and great serves:

The Journey Irish Whiskey (The Explorer Series) is the go-to whiskey for adventurers. The liquid’s journey is remarkable – from an initial ageing in virgin American oak, followed by recasking into American bourbon barrels before being blended with malt Irish whiskey that has been matured in American bourbon and finished in Jamaican rum casks. The resulting liquid has tropical fruit and rum notes with sticky toffee pudding and malty depth before a long, almost sweet finish. Explorers can stir The Journey Irish Whiskey into an Old Fashioned or enjoy neat.

Nose: Butterscotch, toasted oak, dark rum notes
Taste: Sticky toffee, rum roundness perfectly balanced with malt depth
Finish: Ripe banana, molasses & vanilla
ABV:43% RRP: £41.95

The Haven Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is Sailor’s Home first release of the unique single pot still Irish Whiskey style – created with both malted and un-malted Irish barley and oats that is then triple pot distilled resulting in a rich, creamy and smooth distillate. The new make spirit is initially matured in American bourbon barrels and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks, giving the liquid a flavour full of pot still spices, roasted
almonds and vanilla notes whilst the finish is long with brown sugar and ripe black fruits. The Haven Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is best enjoyed neat or in a well-balanced Manhattan cocktail.

Nose: Green grapes, warm spice & honeyed oak.
Taste: Captivating creamy mouthfeel, pot spices, roasted almonds & vanilla notes.
Finish: Brown sugar, ripe black fruits.
ABV: 43% RRP: £52.95

The Horizon 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey (The Islands Series) is crafted from exceptional Irish malt and grain whiskeys that have been matured for at least 10 years in American bourbon barrels. The remarkable whiskey is then filled into carefully selected Barbados rum casks for a finishing period of 6 months introducing lush, refined flavour twists typical of Caribbean rums like caramelised banana and rich brown sugar. The Horizon 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey should be experienced neat.

Nose: Mouth-watering brown sugar and ripe tropical fruits.
Taste: Melting pot of malted honey, oak depth, silk rum, vanilla and caramelised banana.
Finish: Buttery toffee with orange zest.
ABV: 43% RRP: £58.95

Dr. Jack Ó’Sé, Sailor’s Home’s Master Whiskey Maker commented: “We’ve created a range of three truly distinctive whiskeys made in Ireland but shaped by the world. It’s been amazing to work with these liquids, being adventurous with flavours is what Sailor’s Home is all about. We look to explore and go beyond, so that a new generation of Irish whiskey drinkers can join us along this journey of discovery.”

Fabrice PM Limon, Co-Founder & Director Highball Spirits, commented: “Sailor’s Home is not what you’d expect from Irish whiskey. It’s inspiring. It’s progressive, contemporary and flavour-rich and will appeal to bartenders and connoisseurs that are looking to discover new depths and flavours. It’s exciting to consider their applications in cocktail culture and we look forward to working with our partners in the on-trade to offer consumers distinctive and delicious experiences.”

The full Sailor’s Home range is available from and For further information on stocking Sailor’s Home please contact Highball Brands.
Instagram: @sailorshomeirishwhiskey



Whilst all three Sailor’s Home expressions can be enjoyed neat, why not explore The Journey and The Horizon with the following classic whiskey cocktails?

The Journey Old Fashioned

50ml The Journey
10ml 2:1 sugar syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1. Build in a rocks glass with a large cube of ice and stir
2. Garnish with a twist of orange
The Horizon Sweet Manhattan
60ml The Horizon
30ml Sweet Vermouth
2.5ml Luxardo maraschino
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash Angostura orange bitters
1. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir
2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
3. Garnish with a fresh cherry and zest of orange


Sailor’s Home is an innovative, contemporary and premium new Irish whiskey brand whose purpose is to reward those who explore. Consisting of three distinct expressions linked by the desire to explore the boundaries of flavour. The Journey Irish Whiskey, The Haven Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey and The Horizon 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey have been sourced, distilled, aged to perfection, blended and finished under the watchful eye of maker, Dr. Jack Ó’Sé. Jack himself is inspired by the beautiful Sailor’s Home built in 1856, to reward seafarers on their journeys with the experience of home away from home.


Dr. Jack Ó’Sé is one of the most respected names in Irish Whiskey. He has a lifelong love of learning and passion for the industry, having distilled his first batch of spirit in 1979 and earning his Doctorate in fermentation in 2020. During the course of his 40-year career, Dr. Jack has been involved in all aspects of alcohol production – from commissioning and designing pot stills for the likes of Pearse Lyons Irish Whiskey, Achill Distillery and The Burren Distillery; to learning from expert coopers, such as John Neilly and holding the position of Master Distiller for award-winning whiskeys – Dr Jack is embedded in all elements of production with a focus on innovation and taste. Jack’s approach to making Sailor’s Home whiskey is clear – to respect tradition and paths well travelled, whilst forging a new and innovative approach to Irish Whiskey, that places taste above all.

Please enjoy Sailor’s Home Irish Whiskey responsibly.

Inverurie Whisky Shop “We are open for business!” – Whisky News

Shop Opening Times and Restrictions

We have put in place some restrictions to keep you, as well as our staff, safe. While we are allowed to remain open and trade as an essential outlet, we feel that we have a responsibility to our customers and other local businesses to remain vigilante to the coronavirus and its risks.

Therefore we have put in place the following:

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We will be open our usual hours, Monday to Saturday from 10am until 6pm throughout January under the current restrictions.

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Strathclyde 50 Years at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

50 Year Old 1969 Sovereign Exclusive
Cask #17254


LAST BOTTLES – 1969 single cask from the Glasgow distillery. Strathclyde 50 Year Old 1969 vintage Lowland single grain Scotch whisky. Single cask refill barrel #16642 distilled September 1969 bottled October 2019 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Sovereign series. Selected and bottled exclusively for The Whisky Barrel. Just 150 numbered bottles. Nose: This dark gold whisky has a nose of red berries, menthol and dark chocolate. Palate: Sweet but mellow with notes of apple, candy floss and toffee. Finish: Long, with a vanilla sweetness.

Strathclyde Distillery was established in 1927 on a site which had previously supported mills in Moffat Street by the south bank of the River Clyde in the heart of Glasgow. Strathclyde Distillery is a Lowland grain whisky distillery equipped with two Coffey continuous stills for grain whisky production and also a further five Coffey continuous stills which produce neutral spirit. Loch Katrine situated amongst the hills to the north of Glasgow provides the water. In 1957 Kinclaith malt distillery was constructed within the Strathclyde Distillery complex but closed in 1975 and was dismantled the following year.

Ralfy Whisky Of The Year 2021 – Scotch Whisky News

Whisky Of The Year 2021

Ralfy Publishes Review #857 – Scotch Whisky News

ralfy review 857 – Isle Of Arran 21yo @46%vol:

Col. E.H. Taylor Jr., Straight Kentucky Rye & Sazerac Straight Rye Awarded Gold Medals in The Fifty Best American Rye Whiskey Tasting – American Rye News

Col. E.H. Taylor Jr., Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey and
Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey Awarded Gold Medals in
The Fifty Best American Rye Whiskey Tasting

             FRANKFORT, KY (Dec. 17, 2020) – Col. E. H. Taylor Jr., Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey and Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey were awarded Gold medals in the distinguished “Best Rye Whiskey” awards for 2020, hosted by The Fifty Best. These awards are granted to whiskeys that perform exceptionally during a blind tasting process.

The tasting consisted of 27 American rye whiskies with a panel of 14 judges and strict tasting rules. The rye whiskies were poured into fresh glasses from new, sealed bottles, and served at room temperature. Judges were even limited on how they could cleanse their palates. Each whiskey was judged and scored separately on a 5-point scale, with Double-Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded according a set of final point scores.

Col. E.H. Taylor Jr., Straight Kentucky Rye Whiskey is a small batch, Bottled-in-Bond 100 proof straight rye whiskey that pays homage to the former Distillery owner, made with only rye and malted barley. Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey is known as a spicy and assertive rye who made its name in New Orleans.  Both whiskies are well-known for their impeccable taste and rich history, playing unique roles among the Sazerac brands.

The 2020 results are published on and can be found at: 

About Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Distillery is an American family-owned company based in Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky. The Distillery’s rich tradition dates back to 1775 and includes such legends as E.H. Taylor, Jr., George T. Stagg, Albert B. Blanton, Orville Schupp, and Elmer T. Lee.  Buffalo Trace Distillery is a fully operational Distillery producing bourbon, rye and vodka on site and is a National Historic Landmark as well as is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Distillery has won 35 distillery titles since 2000 from such notable publications as Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate Magazine and Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Its Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr. Four Grain Bourbon was named World Whiskey of the Year for 2018 and its William Larue Weller and Thomas H. Handy Sazerac were named 2nd and 3rd finest whiskeys in the world for 2020.  Buffalo Trace Distillery has also garnered more than 1,000 awards for its wide range of premium whiskies. To learn more about Buffalo Trace Distillery visit

Port Ellen 33 Year Old 1983 1st Release at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

Port Ellen 33 Year Old 1983 1st Release

Eidolon is the first release in a series of three bottlings from Hunter Laing & Co. to mark the revival of Port Ellen distillery on Islay. Port Ellen 36 Year Old 1983 vintage Islay single malt Scotch whisky. Eidolon is the first in a three-part series of Port Ellen limited-edition bottlings from Hunter Laing & Co. Limited release of 638 bottles.

Port Ellen Distillery was established by Alexander K. Mackay on the southern coast of the Isle of Islay at Port Ellen in 1825. Port Ellen was a malt whisky distillery but closed in 1983 and whilst some of the distillery buildings remain Port Ellen drum maltings occupy part of the site. During the winter of 1823-24 James Fox tested his newly designed spirit safe at Port Ellen Distillery prior to its introduction in all Scottish licenced distilleries by 1825 in order to comply with enactment of the Excise Act of 1823. Thus Port Ellen Distillery was the first Scottish distillery to install a spirit safe and James Fox was paid £428 for his work. Official bottlings of Port Ellen single malt whisky include the Port Ellen Annual Release and independent release from Hunter Laing & Co. are highly prized.

Just 683 bottles and we have managed to secure a few of this incredible new series.

£2,900 / €3,187 / usd$3,250 / cad$5,013

Shop – Port Ellen 36 Year Old – 1st Release

Lagavulin 9 Year Old “Game of Thrones House Lannister” Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Scotch Whisky News

A Classic, Collectible Lagavulin at a Very Sharp Price
Lagavulin 9 Year Old “Game of Thrones House Lannister” Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Previously $70) ($25.99)

For time-sensitive bottles this December, please get your orders in early. Thanks and happy holidays! We appreciate your business. NOTE: Our walk-in retail locations are currently closed. We have curbside pickup and low cost (often free) delivery options available in ZIP codes where we can ship lawfully, including anywhere in California. We can also include any new or existing will call orders in your delivery batch. Choose local delivery at checkout to learn if you qualify.

While the final battles have been fought and a new king sits on the Iron Throne, you can still revel in the glory of the Game of Thrones with this special commemorative release from Lagavulin. While we don’t typically go for gimmicky, TV-show-themed bottlings, this Game of Thrones-inspired line up has been so good that we’ve been forced to reconsider our stance. This 9 Year Old expression was finished in first-fill ex-bourbon casks, imparting bold flavors to this traditionally restrained single malt. Power-packed, yet not without an element of refinement, this Islay beauty is likely to turn more than a few heads. Impeccably balanced and engagingly complex, this is one of the most intriguing Lagavulins we’ve tasted this year. Now for the best part – we are offering this exceptional dram for a fraction of its regular price. So not only is this a superior single malt, but it is also an incredible value. As this is part of a closeout deal, we likely won’t see any more of this very special bottling and certainly not at such an attractive price. Whether you enjoy Lagavulin or are a champion of House Lannister (or both!), you will find plenty to enjoy in this limited release.

Lagavulin 9 Year Old “Game of Thrones House Lannister” Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Previously $70) ($25.99)

90 points Whisky Advocate: “Lagavulin at an odd age, representing House Lannister and showcasing its lion sigil. The nose is floral, with rose hips, toffee, and fragrant peat notes. Full on the palate, with toffee apples, cinnamon, earthy peat, and smoked haddock in salted butter. The smoked fish combines with fennel in the lengthy finish. (GS, Spring 2019)”

K&L Notes: Part of Diageo’s line of eight single malt whiskies to commemorate the eighth and final season of HBO’s hit television series “Game of Thrones”, which is based on the series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. The Lannisters are known for their meticulousness and tenacity, traits also embodied by the legendary distillery Lagavulin. Tasting note: “Lagavulin 9 Year Old is a roaring single malt that leaves an intensely smoky flavour in every sip. The golden liquid recalls the Lannisters’ riches and comes from being exclusively matured in first fill ex-Bourbon casks. The nose is characteristic of Lagavulin and bursts with sweet smoke, with a slightly zestier, maritime scent than other expressions. On the palate it opens with smoky, caramelised banana, burnt marshmallow and vanilla, fading into a salted caramel finish.”

Explore the Wemyss Core Range – Scotch Whisky News


Our Core Range celebrate the exploration of flavour with three distinctive whisky profiles. Ideal for both the well-versed and newly discovered whisky drinker, these bottles dare to challenge your taste-buds and are guaranteed to strike up a conversation. Not only do they excel in flavour, but they’re beautifully redesigned decanter-style bottles have crowned them The Scottish Whisky Awards’ Excellence in Branding 2020 winners! A prominent display on any shelf.

Each | 70cl | £39.95
The Trio | 3 x 70cl | £119.85

Receive a free Glencairn glass when you buy a bottle, or receive a set of four glasses when you buy the trio. 


Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 359: Tobermory 1994 – Wilson & Morgan vs The Whisky Mercenary – Scotch Whisky News

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 359: Tobermory 1994 – Wilson & Morgan vs The Whisky Mercenary

Mark Dermul, Belgian whisky blogger, puts two Mull malts head-to-head. The independent bottler Wilson & Morgan bottled this second fill oloroso sherry butt #5043 some 6 years ago. Mark puts it head-to-head with sister cask #5013 that was bottled this year by The Whisky Mercenary. For the latter it is a shared cask with Dutch bottler Kintra. It matured 5 years longer than the former.

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