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Three Incredible Christmas Gifts for the Ultimate Whisky Lover 

Earlier in the year Mark Littler Ltd garnered worldwide attention when they brokered the sale of a Macallan 28 Bottle Vertical for £44,000. In the runup to what is set to be a unique Christmas Mark Littler Ltd. have added three more attention grabbing products on their online shop.

Christmas Gifts for the Ultimate Whisky Lover  

The first of the three Christmas must haves is an extremely rare Balvenie 1937 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Distilled in the same year that former King Edward VIII married American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and J.R.R Tolkien’s famed novel The Hobbit was published, this bottling contains some of the oldest Balvenie stock left in the world.

These bottles were originally sold by Milroy’s of Soho and only 500 bottles of this expression were ever produced back when Balvenie was a little known Scotch whisky. This may well be one of just a few of these unique whiskies left in the world, and the only one available at retail in the world today is on the Mark Littler online shop for £45,000.

Next up on the ultimate gift list is a dream collection of whisky amassed by their clients over many years. It is what Mark Littler Ltd. are calling ‘The Collector’s Collection’.

The collection consists of 19 rare bottles of whisky and cognac, including expressions from cult distillery Brora, luxury distillery Macallan and a bottle of Louis XIII Black Pearl 100-year-old cognac. Also in the collection is a bottle from Japanese distillery, Karuizawa, bottles of which are currently some of the most sought-after bottles of Japanese whisky in the world, with a bottle selling at auction for £363,000 earlier this year.

The collection purchased individually would cost over £110,000 at retail. The collection is available through Mark Littler’s online store for £85,000.

Lastly, and arguably a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a whisky-lover, is a personalised whisky number plate: WH15 SKY. This is the best, legal personalised number plate on the market for anyone who loves whisky, and allows the owner to share their passion with the world.

The number plate is available for £14,750 from the Mark Littler Ltd shop with all legal documents for a UK registered vehicle.

About Mark Littler LTD

Mark Littler Ltd. are whisky and antiques brokers and to date they have sold well over £2 million worth of whisky and antiques for their clients. Their new online store aims to get the best prices for sellers and buyers in an increasingly competitive market.

By listing bottles and objects of interest for sale directly from the seller the shop offers two advantages; sellers can get more for their bottles than they would do via auction, while buyers get a reduction over buying from traditional retail sites but with the convenience and surety of a retail purchase compared to auction. 



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