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Kilchoman ImpEx Cask Evolution Special Edition

2006 14 yr 53%

Commemorating 10 years in the U.S.

Listen to Anthony describe this dream dram and its significance 🥃

This Special Edition Single Cask of the ImpEx Cask Evolution series was selected by Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Master Distiller, to celebrate 10 years of Kilchoman in the US.

This 14 year old Scotch was fully matured in a 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel and was only the 32nd cask ever to be filled at Kilchoman, making it one of the most significant Kilchoman casks ever to be bottled.

This is one of the first casks Kilchoman Distilled – Cask #18 was filled in 2006. Only 208 bottles emerged, as the amount of years it was in the cask allowed the greedy angels time to enjoy their share.

This cask encapsulates Kilchoman’s unique balance of citrus, peat smoke, and sweetness.  A style of Islay whisky that sets Kilchoman apart.

It comes in a premium blue box, the same one that very special, one of a kind Kilchoman releases come in, as opposed to the standard ImpEx Cask Evolution red box, making it more unique.

NOSE: Marzipan, citrus sweetness, floral soft fruit, and light peat smoke.

PALATE: Bright, fresh, lemon cheesecake, tropical fruit, and salty peat smoke.

FINISH: Rounded yet assertive with lasting citrus and stone fruits.

“This Single Cask is a fitting tribute to the Scotch Whisky community in the US.  As a relative minnow amongst the giants of the Scotch Whisky Industry, Kilchoman has always relied on the passion of whisky enthusiasts to share their experiences of our whiskies.  Nowhere is that passion more apparent than in the States” – Anthony Wills, Founder, Kilchoman

“This is very special to my heart as it commemorates the 10 years of ImpEx and Kilchoman bringing these beautiful whiskies to the US consumer.” – Sam Filmus, President, ImpEx Beverages

Loch Gorm 2020 46%

Loch Gorm’s annual release has been a fan favorite for many years with its beautiful Sherry influence. It has a long and rich history earning awards and accolades, like the 91 points it got from Whisky Advocate in 2018, earning the #15 spot in the ‘Top 20 Whiskies of 2018’. The 2019 Loch Gorm earned 91 points as well.

This year’s expression is a 21 cask vatting of whisky from 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2011, all fully matured in Oloroso Sherry Butts.

15,500 bottles were produced for worldwide distribution, 1,920 of which came to the US.

NOSE: Sweet maltiness, sooty peat smoke and citrus sweetness, with light cinnamon, juicy raisins, and sultanas.

PALATE: Toffee, smoked meats, sherry sweetness with layers of ripe fruit, honey, and hints of orange peel and sea salt.

FINISH: BBQ smoke, dark chocolate, with apples, pears, plums, raisins, and lasting oak spice.

Am Burach 46%

Gaelic for “the mess”, it’s a great story of how it came to be, and it’s an expression that you will never find again.

“A somewhat complicated nine year maturation, a vatting of Bourbon and Sherry matured Kilchoman combined with Port Cask Matured (mistakenly), then a further Bourbon barrel maturation ahead a six month finish in Ruby Port casks.”

10,550 bottles were produced for worldwide distribution, 1,350 bottles were available for the US. This one was so in demand that is was sold out before it even hit our warehouse with people begging for more.

Regardless of how Am Bùrach came to be, its depth of character sets it apart. Rich, fruity, and sweet on the nose, it coats the palate with red fruits, creamy sweetness, and herbaceous peat smoke on the palate before a long finish of dried fruit and citrus sweetness.

NOSE: Red fruits with light citrus, earthy peat smoke, and hints of creamy sweetness.

PALATE: Redcurrant jam, cinnamon, with layers of citrus, floral sweetness and coastal influence.

FINISH: Layers of cooked red fruits, vanilla, peat, and lasting intensity.

Thanks again for being part of our family and enjoying these fine whiskies with us!

We’ll be in touch about other exciting news as the year drinks on … 🥃

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