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A lot can happen in a year …   Andrew Nelstrop, Managing Director 
The English Whisky Co

Once again I find myself being asked to write a few lines because we have come to the end of the year.  It does not seem 12 months since I last did this. I am not sure what has caused time to speed up – is it my never ending age increase or is it having young children at school with terms going by in a daze?

English whisky as a global category continues to grow with new export markets found and the word is quietly spread that whisky doesn’t have to be Scottish.  As the founding company behind this growth in English whisky we find it spectacular how many other distilleries are being built or coming online to join us. Yes it is a bit more competition but at the same time it is a lot more people banging the drum around the world and ultimately this helps awareness sink in. I am very fortunate to be leading the original English Whisky Company and my life is made easier by the fact that our team continue to make the very finest single malt and that we have a good stock of aged whiskies maturing in our bonds. One of the perks of owning the oldest whisky distillery is I get to try the oldest English whiskies before you and I can tell you the 12year old we are looking at releasing next year is amazing!

For those of you that haven’t visited the distillery for a year or two; we now have a very smart bistro that has proved to be a big hit, with our chefs knocking up some quality grub – it is well worth a visit. Now that we have somewhere lovely for you to relax and spend a bit of time, we have made the hard decision to reduce the tours to 4 a day. In the past we really couldn’t entertain visitors for an hour while they waited for a tour but the new facilities are lovely, so hopefully you will arrive early enough for a drink and maybe a nibble before your tour.

2019 has been a stressful year and it has nothing to do with making or selling whisky but everything to do with computers; which brings me back to my ever increasing age! We decided to implement a new website and whilst the website makers are incredibly helpful – I have never known a job so complicated or time consuming. The idea is that it makes your shopping experience an easy delight and looks smart as well. My misled belief was that computers should be able to do this easily – how wrong was I. In my aged wisdom I palmed this job off to Katy who is noticeably younger and therefore seems less miffed when a computer can’t carry out basic mathematics correctly. How many of you still have your Casio calculator? I do and it is far more accurate than a wrongly programmed computer.. Anyway months on and we finally launched the new site on Black Friday because we like a challenge. I have a feeling that there will be tweaks going on for many more months but I am delighted with the results so far, the new site is a great improvement on our old version. If you find  a glitch please do email or phone us  – there will be a glitch or two hiding somewhere.

My final comments are a request for you all. We know where our whisky is sold but we rarely know where it is not. If you have a lovely wine shop / great bar / hotel near you that doesn’t stock our goods please do let us know so that we can do our best to persuade the proprietor to stock a few of our products. Any new accounts gained this way and the informer gets a bottle of The English Original on me!

Once again – Merry Christmas

Andrew Nelstrop

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