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Burns Night at the The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar

Enjoy an evening of glamour and opulence at The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar this Burns Night. Their current Interpreted Magic menu delves into the fabled history, dark drama and timeless romance embedded in the mysterious world of magic and boasts a refined signature offering, including a well-chosen, in-depth whisky selection. The bar’s enhanced roster of whiskies focuses on rare, valuable bottles and world whiskies, which are all found in the third section in the menu, entitled ‘The Prestige’. This segment is shaded with black and represents the end of the evening or, in this case, the finale. Expanding its representation of world whiskies, and offering small, rare batches, the whiskies at the Beaufort Bar range in style, age, region and complexity, pleasing both malt connoisseurs and curious neophytes. Lesser-known world whiskies to try in the Beaufort Bar, as recommended by Elon Soddu, Head Bartender of Beaufort Bar.

Kavalan Concertmaster:”Full of flavour and attitude, with a port cask finish affording a rich and decadent lingering smoothness”
Karnog Sauternes Cask: “A peated French single malt finished in sauternes casks with an amazing complexity delivered by competing sweetness and smoke”.
Starward 10th Anniversary: “Australian single malt finished in a variety of Australian wine casks, this one weighs in at 52% abv but you’d never know it, it’s stunningly smooth”

To make a reservation please call 020 7420 2111 or email savoy@fairmonth.com


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