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Leith bar toasts to first anniversary with rare Glenglassaugh

An experimental and award-winning community pub in Leith, Nauticus, has released a specially selected and limited edition single cask malt in partnership with elemental coastal distillery Glenglassaugh to mark its first anniversary, of which there are just 275 bottles available.

The renowned and industry-established duo behind the bar’s creation, Kyle Jamieson and Iain McPherson, opened Nauticus last year with the aim of showcasing the best of Scottish produce, whilst drawing on Leith’s history for global trade. Working with their team of expert bartenders, Kyle and Iain identified the perfect cask for bottling following a rigorous blind tasting session of a handful of the Highland
distillery’s rarest stock, put forward by Glenglassaugh Master Blender, Dr. Rachel Barrie.

The contents of Cask 288 was distilled in 2011 and has been matured in a Sauternes hogshead barrel for eight years before being bottled at cask strength this May. The expression was chosen for its distinctive character developed through wine cask aging.

Lustrous gold in colour, the whisky is abundant in butterscotch, baked pineapple and sherried fruit with caramel and sea air on the nose. When tasted, this develops into salted honeycomb and chocolate with pineapple fondant, culminating in a long, creamy finish.

Kyle Jamieson, co-owner at Nauticus commented:

“This single cask Glenglassaugh bottling is a special landmark for us as we celebrate our first birthday. After sampling about 12 single malts from across the Highland region, this Glenglassaugh cask was a clear winner for us and stood out with its fantastic character.“Our ethos in Nauticus is to always put Scottish produce and Leith’s rich wine and spirits history under the spotlight. We believe this specific cask captures this perfectly in whisky form.”

Dr. Rachel Barrie, Master Blender at Glenglassaugh Distillery, said:

“This limited expression is a beautifully layered whisky that has been shaped and nurtured by the distillery’s coastal location and the elements surrounding our warehouses, boasting a delicious contrast of sweet flavour from the Sauternes oak with a hint of saltiness from the North Sea air that breaths into our casks. It’s been fantastic to work with the Nauticus team to bottle a really unique single malt in celebration of one of Scotland’s most exciting bars.”

The Glenglassaugh 2011 Cask 288 is now available at RRP £64.95 from Nauticus and Royal Mile Whiskies.

Glenglassaugh 2011 Cask 288 tasting notes:

Colour: Lustrous gold
Nose: Butterscotch, baked pineapple, sherried fruit with salted caramel and a whisper of sea air
Palate: Salted honeycomb and chocolate with pineapple fondant and custard cream

About Glenglassaugh Distillery:

On the crescent beach of Sandend Bay stands Glenglassaugh Distillery, producing a luscious coastal malt, shaped by the rich abundance of land and sea, with rolling waves of flavour. A complete distillation of its natural surroundings. A whisky whose essence is distilled from the visible and invisible influences of land, sea, air and spring water. Glenglassaugh Distillery, standing on the Moray Firth coast at the edge of the beautiful Sandend Bay, lay silent and forgotten for over two decades. Its heritage stretches back to 1875 when the distillery was founded by Colonel James Moir. It was on the banks of Glassaugh stream that the distillery was built, and its name ‘Glenglassaugh’ – meaning ‘valley of the grey-green place’ – has been taken from its beautiful surroundings. Despite being mothballed for over twenty years, the distillery has a history of elegant maturation, with award-winning old vintages dating back to the 1960s, and an award winning range of boutique younger whiskies, released in the years following the distillery’s reopening in 2008. As this jewel of a coastal malt is discovered and enjoyed, it promises to become a cult, contemporary classic.

About Nauticus:

The story of Nauticus began with Kyle and Iain, chatting over drinks about creating a bar to champion Scottish produce wherever possible. They dug deep – spending many days researching and thinking about every element. It soon became apparent that this had not been done before – this was brand new territory! Its priority was produce made in Scotland or owned by a Scottish company; where this wasn’t feasible, Scottish heritage somewhere down the line was paramount. 18 months later, the dream is a reality and 90% of Nauticus’ products are Scottish, or have Scottish links. The name Nauticus is latin for Nautical; the owners decided on this name due to Leith’s historical ties with shipping and global trade. Leith has an extremely rich and interesting history which has inspired the bar’s menu, with each chapter relating to a period of time in and around Leith; from tea and spice routes, the gin craze, sherry trade and the key role that Leith played in the whisky boom.
Nauticus was named the 2019 Admiral Taverns’ Pub of the Year at the Great British Pub Awards in London earlier this month, and is listed in the UK’s Top 50 Cocktail Bars.

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