Springbank Society Newsletter: August 2019 – Scotch Whisky News

Springbank Society Newsletter:  August 2019 

We’re delighted to say it is time for the next Society Quarterly Newsletter. Throughout this email you will learn about Distillery developments, get the first look at upcoming releases and follow the Sales Team event schedule.

As we approach the end of summer we are busy bottling our core range and our exciting new release of Springbank 15 year old Rum Wood, which we’re sure you are all eager to try. Campbeltown and our distilleries have enjoyed being busy with many summer visitors who we suspect are bringing the good weather.

This month we have details of where our Sales Team will be travelling to over the next few months and a round-up of distillery news, letting you know what has been happening (and what we are planning for the future) at Springbank and Glengyle, in Campbeltown and beyond.

Distillery News

We enjoyed having a variety of scholars on site over 10 weeks to complete the whisky school, with this year being the first to have the ‘blend your own’ Springbank as part of the week long learning. June 3rd saw our first ever ‘Barley to Bottle’ tour guests, which was a great experience for staff and guests alike, and we look forward to welcoming many more over the coming years.

Production has continued at Springbank, with malt floors having to be worked extra carefully as we move into the hottest part of the year and the challenge of keeping the germination temperatures under 20 degrees celsius becomes more difficult. The traditional way of doing things invariably involves a lot of extra work, but it’s definitely worth it.

Mashing and distilling at Springbank has settled down after a few equipment issues earlier in the year. The 1,000th cask of 2019 was filled on the 11th of June and we are on course to fill around 1800 casks this year, which means that progress on the new bonded warehouse is important so that we have somewhere to house them in the coming years. We expect the new warehouse to be completed sometime in 2020 but it has been fascinating to watch the removal of the old ruined walls, the excavation and piling of the ground, and now the foundations going in.

Glengyle continues to wait patiently until we return to production in September, the equipment is receiving some TLC with washbacks one and two due to be replaced in August and the boiler serviced around the same time.

Sales Team Events

We kicked off the summer with our Malts Festival where lots of fun was had by all, especially the Sales Team. I’m sure you are all still thinking about that Springbank Society tasting. We would like to give everyone a massive thank you for joining us at our Malts Festival and we hope to see you next year.

At the beginning of May we welcomed Cara Wilson to the Springbank and Kilkerran Sales Team. Cara is a local girl from the island of Gigha and was part of our whisky school when she was studying at Campbeltown Grammar School. Last summer Cara worked on the Springbank Tours Team before returning to University to complete her degree in International Business Management. We have now enticed Cara back to Campbeltown to join our Sales Team and she is excited to meet all the Springbank and Kilkerran supporters on her trips home and abroad.

Once again we have been travelling far and wide to share the story of Springbank and Kilkerran. David has been across the globe from South Africa to the west coast of the USA. Melanie continued our Kilkerran focused tours in Germany and France where she survived 40 degree weather. Although it was when she returned to sunny Campbeltown Melanie managed to get sunburnt on the golf course. Ronan had many Kilkerran adventures to Seoul, London and finishing on the Cannongate hosting a tasting with the Cadenhead Edinburgh shop. Grant got to the Ayrshire coast for the day.

In the upcoming months you’ll be able to catch us all around the world again.


25th – 1st: David Allen will be jetting off to China on Kilkerran duty, with further visits to Hong Kong and Macau.

31st: Grant Macpherson will be in at the Spirit of Alba Gin & Whisky Festival in Kirkintilloch with our Kilkerran products.


2nd – 4th: Cara Wilson will be in Amsterdam visiting a few top mixologists with Journalist, Sharon van Lokhorst, along with some Springbank tastings around Amsterdam as well.

6th – 7th: Ranald Watson and Cara Wilson are in Malzfabrik, Berlin presenting Springbank and Kilkerran masterclasses at the beer and whisky festival.

7th: Grant Macpherson will be dramming under the railway arches of ‘the Loco Klub” at Whisky Bristol’s Underground.

14th: Melanie Stanger will be at Oban Whisky Festival with Kilkerran, while Grant Macpherson visits Aberdeen Whisky National.

19th: Melanie Stanger will be holding a Kilkerran tasting at The Clydeside Distillery.

22nd: Melanie Stanger and Cara Wilson will both be in Paris at Salon Dugas whisky show presenting Springbank and Kilkerran.

27th – 29th: Ranald Watson, David Allen, Grant Macpherson and Cara Wilson will be at The Whisky Show in London pouring some Springbank and Kilkerran drams.


5th: Grant Macpherson will be at the Whisky Lounge in York, while David Allen is at the Alhambra Whisky Festival both presenting Kilkerran.

4th – 5th: Cara Wilson will be flying off to Geneva Whisky show to present Kilkerran.

8th – 12th: David Allen will be visiting Denmark for a Springbank tasting tour. While Cara Wilson will be travelling around Belgium for a Kilkerran tasting tour.

11th: Grant Macpherson will be in Kirkcaldy for the evening holding a Springbank and Kilkerran tasting.

12th: Grant Macpherson will be in Dundee at the Whisky Social presenting Kilkerran.

17th: Melanie Stanger will be attending the M&P Festival in Warsaw with Springbank and Kilkerran.

19th: Grant Macpherson will be pouring Springbank and Kilkerran at Wee Dram Fest in Bakewell.

23rd – 25th: Cara Wilson is flying off to Denmark to host a series of Kilkerran tastings.

23rd: Grant Macpherson will be attending the Inverarity121 Wine & Spirits Fair in Glasgow.

25th – 26th: Grant Macpherson is at the Manchester Whisky Lounge for Kilkerran.

28th – 29th: Cara Wilson is in Austria at Vienna’s Bar & Spirits Festival and then will be hosting a Springbank tasting in Innsbruck on Tuesday 29th.

27th – 3rd November:  Melanie Stanger is jetting off to Alberta Canada, holding tastings in Willow park and presenting Springbank and Kilkerran at Calgary Co-op Whisky festival.


1st – 3rd: Springbank and Kilkerran will be presented at Whisky Life Prague.

2nd: Grant Macpherson will be showcasing Kilkerran at Nottingham Whisky Lounge.

9th: Grant Macpherson and Donald Brown will be enjoying Glasgow Whisky festival, pouring both Springbank and Kilkerran.

9th – 10th: Cara Wilson and David Allen are in Belgium at Spirits in the Sky with Springbank and Kilkerran stands and a Springbank Masterclass. The rest of the team will be in both Villlngen Whiskymesse and Whisky Live Taipei.

16th: Grant Macpherson will be at Leicester Whisky Festival, whilst Melanie Stanger is at Liverpool Whisky Lounge both presenting Kilkerran.

18th – 22nd: David Allen will be flying to Israel to hold a series of Kilkerran tastings.

22nd – 23rd: Grant Macpherson is in Dublin pouring Kilkerran and Springbank at Whiskey Live. 

22nd – 24th: The team will be presenting Kilkerran and Springbank at Interwhisky in Frankfurt.

28th – 30th: Melanie Stanger and Cara Wilson will be jetting off to Switzerland to join Whiskyschiff in Zurich.

30th: Ranald Watson and Grant Macpherson are at Drambusters in Dumfries pouring Kilkerran and Springbank.

Events taking place further in the future will be included in the next Quarterly Newsletter and, please remember, the Events Section of the Springbank Website is updated whenever we have new information to share with you all.

Springbank Website – Events Page

New Releases

As we approach Autumn we have some exciting new releases and a brand new addition to our core range.

September/October  2019 

Springbank 12yo cask strength.

The next addition of our 12yo cask strength series will soon be available.  This batch will depart from the usual sherry dominant maturation recipe, with a greater bourbon influence.

Springbank 15yo Rum Wood. 

An exciting rum matured Springbank bottled at cask strength.  9,000 bottles will be available worldwide.

Kilkerran Peat in Progress – Batch 2. 

The next installment of Kilkerran’s heavily peated series is almost ready to bottle and we can’t wait for you all to try it.

Given the uncertainty of Brexit on 31st October, we are also looking to bring forward a number of our winter releases to ensure we can despatch them to our customers all over the world without delay. These will include an exciting new whisky for our core range; Longrow 21yo! We love it and can’t wait for you to try it too.

There will also be new editions of Springbank Local Barley and Kilkerran 8yo cask strength. Look out for Society alerts and social media updates for more information on when these will be available.

We are sure you will all be anticipating the next Society bottling which is scheduled later this year. We are currently pilfering samples from our warehouses to find something suitable; any special requests?


This year we are celebrating Glengyle Distillery’s 15th anniversary after we re-opened it in 2004. To commemorate our achievement this we are releasing a series of 15 year old single casks to a number of selected markets. Some of you may also have seen the 15 year old Kilkerran rum wood which was exclusively sold at our Springbank Distillery and Campbeltown Cadenhead shop.

Glengyle distillery tours are now stand alone and no longer an added extra to our Springbank tours, which has been popular with Kilkerran fans. Further a field our sales team have been busy with Kilkerran tasting tours bringing along past and future releases to share the evolution of Kilkerran.

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The Springbank Team

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