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Announcement – 6th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar on Indiegogo

This is the most important announcement we’ve ever made.

It’s been 5 years since Cindy and I created the first ever Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar.

To say that our journey has been a challenge would be understating it. Every step of the way we have had to push through

  • Regulatory challenges
  • Traditional retail industry apathy
  • Hundreds of moving parts/logistics that make production always a hyper-stressful, last-minute affair

By the time everyone in the process gets their piece of the pie, we use the last Oliver-Twist-sized slice of cash to start the journey all over again.

We’re now at a point where we will NOT be able to make our 6th Edition Scotch Advent Calendar without help, so we are launching an Indiegogo campaign for 6th Edition orders (and other cool stuff too).

Every penny will help. If you want to join the Secret Spirits adventure in 2019, this will be the ONLY way to order the 6th Edition, and you will have ONLY 43 days to do so. We must receive enough orders to ensure we can actually get the Scotch and make the 6th Edition, and if we do, THEN we will only make as many as were ordered. So the 6th Edition will be sold out before it even gets made! And YOU will be part of a mighty exclusive club…

The 43 day campaign begins on March the 1st.

Even though we’ve always called our annual box of Scotch an “advent calendar”, presenting 25 days of Scotch from December 1st through Christmas Day, it is even more accurate to say simply each box has 25 doors.

As you know, our unique “packaging gamification” of rarer whiskies in larger bottles offers far more than just whiskies you’ve never tasted before and won’t taste again: they take you on an imaginative adventure.

The journey begins whenever you’re ready, and can last as long as you like. It’s the ultimate birthday, Christmas, anniversary and retirement gift for anyone who loves whisky.

We pack five years-worth of whisky tasting experience into every box, and every 50ml bottle has enough whisky in it for a few people to share the experience (or to just keep all for yourself).

Over the last 5 years, we have slowly built a community of people like YOU who have helped us continue to forge this brand new category in our industry. Through sheer passion for what we do and because of the happiness it brings people all over the world, Cindy and I have put everything on the line to continue to dream big and create magic.

We humbly ask for your help so we can continue that dream.

Jonathan and Cindy

Secret Spirits


*We will keep you in-the-loop when the campaign goes LIVE.
Mark March 1st on your calendar!

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