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Limited edition single barrels are plenty at the minute, be it in England, Germany, Netherlands and, well, everywhere really. This one though is a little different. Highland Park have been on a run with a lot of releases in the last 12 months, this has been hand selected by The Whisky Shop because of it’s remarkable complexity…also it’s 67%! 67%!! Now, this is one of the only whiskies where I’ve added water to both a little and large degree and it’s one of the only liquids where the ‘classic’ style is found once it’s taken down to 50% ABV, 45% ABV and 40% ABV –  but before that, it’s a tropical, almost rum flavoured, toffee and banana bomb with exotic spices fuelling it’s presence and power. It’s in all honesty, one of the finest examples of complex and big flavoured whisky I’ve ever come across.

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