Comox Valley Whiskey Fest 2019, Feb 2nd – Whisky Fest News!

Whiskey Fest 2019 tickets are on sale!

Grand Tasting
The Grand Tasting will start at 8pm on Feb 2nd. Those of you who purchase a Masterclass ticket will also be able to attend the Grand Tasting (purchase this ticket only if you do not wish to attend a Masterclass).

Shelter Point Masterclass
Representatives from Shelter Point Distillery will putting on a Masterclass this year.

Whiskey Around the World Masterclass
This Masterclass is presented by Dale Roberts and Maureen Fritz-Roberts of the Old House Law and Notary Public.

Victoria Caledonia Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery Masterclass
Presented by the founder, Graeme Macaloney. Seminar will be held outside in a heated area.

Blended Malts from Rare Drams Masterclass
Join Adam Bradshaw as he takes you on a tour of some limited cask strength blended malts from Douglas Laing’s Regional Malt Collection and Old Perth from Morrison & MacKay.

All Masterclasses will be starting at 7pm on Feb 2nd.


Proceeds from  the Comox Valley Whisky Fest support a number of charitable organizations in the valley and we’re so grateful for your support! Thank you!

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