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Port Ellen 1981 Casks of Distinction 37 Year Old #1297 / Bottle No. 5

This incredible expression, numbering 174 bottles in total, is one of the oldest Port Ellen ever released. The whisky, bottled at 48.9% ABV, has been drawn from single cask #1297, which is part of Diageo’s ‘Casks of Distinction’ series, a range of unique individual casks each of extraordinary quality and character.


Glendronach Finest Highland Malt 1930s

A stunning example of pre-WW2 Glenrdronach. Likely aged around 12 years it is one of the earliest officially bottled single malts or “perfect self whisky” as the label reads. A rare opportunity to try an older style of whisky, made distinctive by the traditional methods and ingredients that went into its production.


Karuizawa 1964 Single Cask 48 Year Old #3603 / Wealth Solutions

An exclusive bottling for Wealth Solutions of Poland, this extremely rare 1964 single cask is arguably one of the most sought after Karuizawa whiskies. This is bottle number 143 of only 143 released on 24th December 2012, contained within a stunning Polish black fossibl oak case.


Samaroli Collection

We never tire of featuring examples from this legendary Italian independent bottler, they are without doubt some of the finest, rarest and most interesting bottles that we see. This month is no exception with a wide range of Samaroli on offer including the outstanding Scapa 1958, considered to be one of the best Scapa ever bottled.


Bowmore 1961 50 Year Old

The oldest publicly available Bowmore, distilled in December 1961 and matured for a half century in two ex-bourbon hogsheads. One of only 200 bottles released, a combination of glass artists, a woodsmith and a silversmith were all commissioned to create the exquisite packaging that accompanies this exceptional whisky.




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