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A beloved little distillery on Islay that overcame a lot of odds to be considered one of the finest whiskies produced, in a region with so much intimidating competition, most of us would shy away. Producing less than 100,000 liters a year, Kilchoman have fought and worked their way through the ranks of the whisky hierarchy. Starting out in 2005 and already having huge success with the quality of their new make spirit, we now see them thirteen years later. Whisky is hitting the double digit figures and demand is increasing more and more. One of only 238 bottles produced, this single cask selection, bottled by The Whisky Shop really does show off the depth to the spirit produced at Kilchoman. Full bodied, spicy, well balance and a change in flavour that is reminiscent of some of the best Islay whiskies I’ve ever had. Switching from BBQ smoke and peat into creamy white chocolate with hazelnuts and a wonderful hit of salt as well. A true contender for whisky of the year!


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