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Kilchoman 9 year old 100% Islay Barley K&L Exclusive Cask #549 Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)


SKU #1375494

When Kilchoman opened in 2005 it was the first new distillery in 124 years on Islay. Their founder, Anthony Wills, had a special approach in mind for a new kind of distillery. He wanted to create something with purpose and intention. His dream was to engage with the entire process of whiskey making. He bought a farm and opened a distillery making whiskey in the same way it was always made: grow your own barley, malt it yourself, make your own whiskey, age and bottle it on site, and deliver a product that shows an incredible sense of place, quality, and the heart and soul of the people who made it. Kilchoman is a true farm distillery in every sense. We were fortunate enough to peruse the dunnage warehouses with Anthony himself this past May and after tasting many casks, we settled on this beauty. For one, it’s just simply an outstanding whiskey. But just as importantly, it tells the story of Kilchoman from start to finish in a way that many others didn’t. Laid down in 2008, just a few short years after opening, this dram was bottled just shy of it’s 10th birthday making it one of the oldest Islay Barley bottles out there. It encompasses everything about Kilchoman that makes it unique. From the salt breeze, fresh cut grass notes of newly harvested barley grown within eyesight of the stills, to the sweet smell of wood from the exclusive Buffalo Trace barrel, to the lighter peat treatment in their own malting barn and kiln, this whiskey is a pure expression of people and place.


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