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We’re Having Another Birthday!

Yes folks, we at Cadenhead’s like to mark social days or events, so this is our big one for the year!


Before we go into the release list it’s worth going over a few drams we will explain about the small batch for our new customers! Cadenhead’s small batch is a by-monthly release that sits alongside the Authentic single cask selection.

Small batch can be from a single cask or barrel or several cask married together for example Knockdhu 11 is made from 3 casks Macduff 11 is 1 cask!

Why do they do this? Simple really because it’s all about the taste profile. Some of most legendary whiskies have come out under the small batch range, this season will see a whole new range of legendary whiskies.

I will also list a few of the archive whiskies from the range we are releasing on the web shop!

Lets talk about age and brand!

What is it that makes you buy a whisky, is it the age or distillery or both?

We see a huge spike in demand for the usual suspects so lets dig a little deeper into the drams you miss out on! From this seasons release I am going to say Macduff 11 & Knockdhu 11 alongside the Tomintoul 11! Yes they are young but they taste so much older!

From other releases we have the following small batch whiskies…

LINKWOOD 1992 24 Years Old 50.9% -70CL- HOGSHEAD CASKS



While some of you know of the distilleries some do not! So its normal to feel unsure about trying them out!

In our tasting room you will usually find a dram or 3 you have never tied before so with that in mind check out the store in the coming few Saturdays we will have open house events upstairs in-between the Tasting experience events where we will try out the lesser known and younger drams!

Mind you our younger drams are older then most other malts on the general market!


Has been taking place over several days and nights for the new range!

The general consensus is possibly the best response to a release I have seen since the early 2000’s every dram had fans every taste made them smile especially with the younger vintages!

To truly get a proper perspective the tastes can and will be blind so they have no idea what the distillery is age or ABV so as to give a truly honest tasting note.

Check out the new range (click the links below) and tasting notes online today.

LINKWOOD – GLENLIVET 22 48.8% £79.90 18 bottles available

KNOCKDHU 54.7% 11yo £49.90 MACDUFF 11 yo 46% £41.50

TOMINTOUL – GLENLIVET 11 55.4% Limited Availability

TOMATIN 10yo 54.4% ORD 12yo 46% £41.50

NORTH BRITISH 32yo 55.2%

MACDUFF 11yo 46% £41.50

GLENROTHES – GLENLIVET 21 £76.95 18 bottles available

GLEN SPEY – GLENLIVET 16 £54.90 18 bottles available

BUNNAHABHAIN 28yo 43.8% £128.90 Limited availability

The whiskies below are fully reserved as a result of club members making reservations. If you are a club member please be aware that we are holding for 5 days from the time you get this email, after 5 working days we will release any unclaimed bottles online.

GLENTAUCHERS -GLENLIVET 27 54.4% All Reserved Not online

COOLEY 26yo 52.3% All reserved Not online

CREATIONS 44yo Light Fruity Sherry 43.4% All Reserved Not online

BEN NEVIS 21yo All reserved 52.9% All Reserved Not online

The Cadenhead’s Club & Springbank Society membership for 2018 is now available, for a one off life time fee of £30 you get the following:

  • Free Cadenhead Club Tastings
  • 2 Free warehouse tastings per year for life in our Campbeltown Bonds
  • Access to exclusive bottling’s
  • Advance notice of 7 days for new releases before none club members

Springbank Society membership, for a one off lifetime fee of £50 you get the following:

  • Society Polo Shirt
  • Whisky miniature
  • Access to limited edition bottling’s twice a year bottled exclusively to members
  • Free distillery tours of Springbank Distillery
  • Regular blog updates with news from the distillery about upcoming releases
  • 10% off selected whiskies in the participating stores like our own at Cadenhead’s London for example
  • 10% off merchandise sold in the distillery with a future limited holding available in London of selected merchandise (We will update you when this can be done in London)

Next Month will be a special one as we head into Summer with a bang!!

All The Best

Stephen & the London Team

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