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Keshav Prakash, the founder-curator of The Vault, was recently inducted as a life member of The Keepers of the Quaich, an international society which was established by the Scotch Whisky industry to celebrate the outstanding commitment of those who produce and promote the world’s finest distilled spirit. This prestigious society takes its name from the traditional two-handled drinking cup which is described in the ancient Gaelic language of Scotland as a `cuach’ or Quaich, a vessel long associated with friendship and the enjoyment of Scotch Whisky.

With only a limited number of people inducted as Keepers each year to honor their exceptional contribution, the new Keepers must have worked for a minimum of five years in the industry and their nomination is by virtue of industry recognition of their personal contribution to Scotch Whisky. In the last five years, Keshav has diligently worked to create access to produce from boutique independent distilleries, bridging the gap for handcrafted spirits in India, especially in the world of fine whiskies, enriching the experience of whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts. If Springbank, Benromach and Edradour represent the legendary traditional Scottish malts, Kilchoman, Wolfburn and the award-winning expressions from Compass Box represent the growing contemporary and innovative twist.

To date, just over 2,600 men and women from over 100 countries have received the honor of becoming the ‘Keeper of the Quaich’, a permission into the much guarded hall of fame. `Scotch Whisky was, and remains, the first global spirit and Keepers of the Quaich exists to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contribution of people working in all aspects of the industry, all over the world’ said Peter Prentice, Chairman of the Society.

New Keepers are inducted at a private ceremony held in the Scottish Highlands at Blair Castle, the ancient historic home of the Earls and Dukes of Atholl. This year, it was on the 9th of October, 2017.

The 700-year-old iconic Blair Castle with its Scottish baronial architecture, has been the home of the Atholl family for over seven centuries and has had a rich and diverse history. Serving as the quintessential center for this award ceremony, the arrival ceremony of the new Keepers, Masters and patrons of the society was marked by the grandly decorated castle and the great highland bagpipers music in their traditional highland dress. This was the beginning of more than just an award ceremony. It was a glimpse into the well-choreographed Royal Scottish lifestyle.

The induction ceremony is a grand and confidential ritual, and once this ceremony is complete, the Keepers and Masters are gently led into the glamorous banquet that unfolds in the stunning ballroom of the castle, and this year the prestigious event was addressed by the well-known Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin who spoke about how the sharing of spirits with near and dear ones, marks the building of the best memories.

When Keshav shared the table with the ultimate knowledge house of whiskies, Charles MacLean, Master of the Quaich, a fine gentleman and a gospel to whisky lovers across the world, he knew that this wonderful journey had only just begun. After all, there was the `Master of the Quaich’, and that involves a further ten years of working on his vision – to make The Vault a go-to place for fine spirits experiences, in which the world of Scottish whiskies will continue to play a significant role.

Trivia about the banquet:

Many guests wear traditional quilts made from the special society Tartan.

All guests line up outside the castle and are invited as a couple or individually to walk the red carpet with bagpipers on either side of the carpet.

Red Carpet photography followed by a group photograph once inside.

Those getting inducted and their guest are then led to the VIP reception on the upper level.

En route there is a photograph with the Chairman & Grandmaster of the society.

The VIP reception is attended by the who’s who of the Scottish Whisky Industry.

Guests of those being inducted (Anjan Prakash, wife of Keshav) are then invited first into the ceremony hall to be seated.

No photography is allowed during the ceremony.

A grand sit down banquet follows.

During the banquet there are several speeches, top class music performance by musicians of repute and a special Haggis ceremony.

The best of Scottish Whiskies are generously offered during the dinner.

Note on The Vault:

The Vault is India’s leading, whisky centric, import house representing over 30 small and independent distillers from around the world.

The Vault Collection of Handcrafted & Handpicked spirits are available at the Duty Free Travel Retail section of all major International airports in India. Keshav Prakash’s highly curated offerings of master classes and tasting experiences for corporate and direct consumers are aimed at designing a new culture of fine spirits appreciation. Currently based in Mumbai, The Vault will soon offer access to spirits in the city of Delhi followed by other metros in the country.

Extended information of The Vault is available on

More information about Keepers of the Quaich:

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