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Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 156: Rachel Barrie Interview 2014 

Mark Dermul, Belgian whisky blogger, shares with us his interview with Rachel Barrie, former Master Blender at Auchentoshan. On 1st of March 2017 Rachel Barrie – the First Lady of Whisky – will leave Morrison-Bowmore Distillers to join the BenRiach company as Whisky Maker. As most of you are aware, Mark is the Toshan Man, avid collector of Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Whisky – which was created by Mrs Barrie and her team for the past five years. During research for his book, Mark was able to interview Mrs Barrie in February 2014. This interview was printed in the book, of course, but the video was never before released. As a tribute to Mrs Barrie’s work at Auchentoshan (and Bowmore and Glen Garioch), he gladly shares this great interview with us. The interview is 26 minutes, so go ahead and pour yourself a dram first!


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