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Spring is less than a month away and what better way to greet the vernal equinox than with spirits! Our never ending search for the for the finest imbibables has recently revealed some real gems including a Prohibition Era style blend from the folks at Old Forester, an extremely limited single barrel expression of Elijah Craig, and a pair of inventive tipplers from the indefatigable Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits.


The iconic label from the Heaven Hill Distillery has long been considered one of the greats. This lovely cask of Elijah Craig is the second we’ve received from their newly rebranded Small Batch 9 year old single barrel program. This exceptional whiskey, which we’ve known for decades in its older 12 year expression, is now being bottled as a no age statement small batch. We’re lucky to get one of the few single barrels available this year. While these bottles don’t care the age designate on the package, each of their single barrels is aged at least 9 years and the whiskey remains one of the best values in the store. It’s a welcome addition to our extremely limited single barrel selection and one of the only single barrels we’ll get from Heaven Hill for quite some time.

Elijah Craig K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) $29.99



Being one of only a handful of distilleries permitted to remain open during Prohibition (a dark era in American history), Old Forester decided to craft a bottling based on a formula that harkens to this bygone period. The result is among the best Bourbons we had in 2016 and our previous parcel sold out very quickly. While the mash mill remains shrouded in mystery, a pronounced rye element is evident as there’s plenty of body and spice which carries from beginning to end. This spice element holds center stage while being perfectly complimented by flavors of honey, caramel, apricots, rosemary, graham cracker, and more. At 115 proof it packs a punch, but never comes across as too hot or out of balance. Bourbon fans are going to want to flock to this beauty.

Old Forester “1920 Prohibition Style” Kentucky Bourbon Whisky (750ml) $59.99



You absolutely cannot stop Bryan Davis. After his original Lost Spirits Distillery in Salinas went down, Bryan took his reactor out to the East Coast and began distilling. When that didn’t go as planned he came back to California, built a new still, and started making navy strength rum in Salinas again. Now he’s opened up a huge warehouse space in downtown Los Angeles where he’ll be continuing to move the brand forward. These two new Abomination releases should help accomplish that task. This time around, rather than using his own whisky distillates, Bryan contracted a bunch of peated new-make spirit from Islay and ran it through his reactor. The result is classic Bryan Davis, albeit without any of the funkiness or earthiness his earlier whiskies carried. Fans of the genre will be pleased. We also think Islay lovers will want to give these a whirl.

Lost Spirits “Abomination – The Sayers of the Law” Peated Malt Whiskey $49.99 Lost Spirits “Abomination – The Crying of the Puma” Peated Malt $49.99



This past November we visited Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky to engage as one of the first participants in their new Maker’s 46 custom barrel program. Utilizing different types of oak staves with various levels of char, we were able to follow the example set from the standard Maker’s 46 expression, yet customize it with our own personal selection of oak types and preference for their placement within the cask. Bottled at cask strength, the resulting whiskey has recently been shipped to CA and we’re planning to premier the official K&L edition at Hard Water on Thursday night, March 2nd. Guests will not only get to try the new release, but also the standard Maker’s Mark 46 side by side, as well as munch on the fine cuisine provided by Hard Water’s kitchen, and sip on Bourbon cocktails mixed by their crack team of bartenders. A night out in the city with delicious food, fine Bourbon, and high-end drinks for only $25 per person? Yes, please! Only forty spots are available. Tickets are non-refundable after purchase. There are no paper tickets for this event; your name will be placed on a guest list.

K&L Exclusive Maker’s 46 Launch Party @ Hard Water, March 2nd @ 7 PM $25.00


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