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The 1st World Whisky Forum, February 9-10th 2017

A stage for the new wave of distilleries from around the world This is where ideas are born, innovations presented and established truths challenged. The vision is to create a stage for the new wave of distilleries and whisky stakeholders from around the world who put innovation, rethinking and – of course – craftsmanship first. The world’s first World Whisky Forum is hosted at Box Distillery, Sweden, February 9-10th 2017.

There are rapid and very exciting developments in the whisky business. New, experimental projects from traditional whisky countries, and even more exciting new distilleries from countries not traditionally associated with whisky making, are challenging the business and pushing the boundaries, resulting in whisky with new expressions and styles. Some of the most prominent figures in this movement will be at World Whisky Forum.

Dave Broom, an internationally renowned whisky writer, will moderate our ten guest speakers and host the audience as we enjoy interesting panel debates and discussions. The theme is New frontiers in the World of Whisky and we will focus on three subjects: developing new whisky styles, learning from the past and establishing brand identity.

Speakers: Ichiro Akuto and Yomi Yoshikawa from Chichibu Distillery, Jasmin Haider-Stadler from Distillery Haider/Roggenhof, Ludo Ducrocq and Kevin Abrook from William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd, Tony Reeman-Clark from Strathearn Distillery, Matt Hofmann from Westland Distillery, Roger Melander from Box Distillery, Patrick van Zuidam from Zuidam Distillers, Ian Palmer from InchDairnie Distillery and Steven Kersley from BrewDog. We are very pleased with this line up!

Read more about the speakers, topics and program at We are happy to answer all your questions regarding World Whisky Forum and the first event.

World Whisky Forum is a stage for the new wave of distillers and whisky stakeholders around the world who put innovation, rethinking and, of course, the craftsmanship first. Swedish Box Distillery is the initiator, but the forum will be developed together with some of the most experienced and outspoken whisky authorities. It is a recurring event that will take place every eighteen month. Join us February 9th-10th 2017 at Box Distillery, Sweden, for the world’s first World Whisky Forum.


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