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Inspired by Jura

We’re always on the lookout for likeminded people with a passion for their craft to share our story with, and so we’ve partnered with Trakke, an independent Glasgow based designer with their own story to tell. We took them on a journey to Jura to seek out inspiration to create a bag inspired by our whisky and its island home.

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Makers of bags and kit for everyday adventurers, Alec Farmer and his team at Trakke are as at home exploring the city, as they are the wilderness. And, much like a single malt whisky, their bags are designed to get better with age. So they had one thing in common with our whisky…but how else could Jura’s unique island character inspire a bag?

On our rugged West coast, the corner of the island which inspires our smokier drams such as Prophecy, Trakke were taken by a coloured dye produced by one of the island’s natural lichen; similar in hue to the colour of Jura Whisky. This would become the colour guide for the bag’s smoky waxed cotton.

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Next Trakke ventured to the sweet side of Jura, akin to the sweeter taste of Diurachs’ Own. Over on the East coast, where the distillery is located by calm, sandy bays and palm trees, the team found the tall, copper stills which give our whisky its light and delicate spirit. These are proudly represented on the bag with copper rivets.

The bag is peppered with unexpected finishing touches, all nodding to its Jura heritage; the deer hide zip pullers to name just one, represent the island’s 5,000 strong population of roaming, wild deer, vastly outnumbering its 200 odd people.

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That’s not all. Taking on the shape of a barley sack, the final touch is the bag’s 20 litre volume – the approximate amount of ‘Angel’s Share’ lost from a cask of Jura each year.

Whether commuting to work or out exploring the world, the highly functional bag is ready for all eventualities; waterproof, with side pockets that can be reached while you’re wearing it and a secure roll top closure.

The finished product tells the story of discovering the different sides of Jura in a way like no other. With each bag handcrafted in Trakke’s studio, just 130 bags are available worldwide, all individually numbered.

Will you be one of the few to get one for your own adventure?

Willie Cochrane, Jura Distillery Manager

The Jura x Trakke bag is now available to buy from or at the Jura Distillery, £180.

Read more about Trakke’s journey to Jura here.

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