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Echlinville Distillery First Edition Private Reserve Cask Offer

At Echlinville our aim is to produce a premium high quality whiskey using barley grown and malted on the family farm. We strive to control the process from raw materials in the field, to the final drop reaching the glass affording us total traceability and authenticity. Our whiskey is produced by a passionate team committed to achieving excellence.

To celebrate becoming Northern Ireland’s first licensed Irish Whiskey Distillery in over 125 years an inaugural distillation of only 144 premium casks over three sizes will be selectively made available to Whiskey connoisseurs and collectors.
We can accommodate guests keen to make their own whiskey, they will have access to their own still and a member of our team for guidance.

For full details or a brochure contact

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Our extraordinary new still house is not only a functional space for production but can easily lend itself to entertaining guests and our tours can offer a real insight into the workings of an operational distillery.  This project has definitely put Echlinville on the map as a must see for Whiskey enthusiasts as it can offer visitors a truly bespoke experience. The official opening of the still house is planned for March 2016 and by Easter 2016 the site will be ready to take group bookings offering various packages depending on the visitors needs.

For further details contact the Echlinville office on 02842738597 or email

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