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True whiskey lover’s dream becomes reality. Experience your beloved drink straight from the barrel.

What do men and true whiskey lover’s dream of? – Drinking the purest whiskey from an old cask.

London, UK, Nov. 18, 2015 – ZOOTY design workshop has just launched their new product on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. OKA – handcrafted wooden whiskey tumbler that brings a completely new way of experiencing your whiskey. Charred oak enhances all the flavors whiskey already has and reveals new ones.

Drinking whiskey from this charred oak tumbler is like drinking cask strength whiskey out of a 25 year old oak barrel stacked deep in a cold dark aging cellar. It’s what men and true whiskey lovers dream of. This wooden tumbler doesn’t replace your glass tumbler. Glass tumblers are pretty. But when you’re done feeling pretty, a mouthful of whiskey sipped from your wooden tumbler reminds you of the man that you are after a long day of doing the hard things in life a man does. The sense of the wood, the scent of the char, they speak to your soul. The soul of a man.

“Men drink whiskey because they like the taste,” said Kristopher K., COO of ZOOTY design workshop. “Our goal was to create experience that’s the closest possible to drinking straight from a cask by enhancing all those sweet, toasty and spicy aromas.”

When tasting whiskey from OKA tumbler you will notice that the scent is much softer and more pleasant compared to a glass tumbler. It is because charred oak interior absorbs part of strong alcohol aroma therefore allowing to feel the true characteristics of whiskey.

“Our tumbler is not meant for aging your whiskey,” said Toms Liepkalns, CEO of ZOOTY design workshop. “It is meant to flavor your drink instantly.” When relatively small amount of whiskey interacts with a large surface area of charred oak the results are incredible. All the flavours are increasing rapidly.

Round shaped bottom fits very comfortable in hand while the narrow top provides the best tasting experience. OKA not only flavors your whiskey but prevents it from warming as well.

This new product is available now on Kickstarter.



Mr Toms Liepkalns

5a Kenninghall road, London E5 8BS, UK


Tel.: +44 745 304 2222

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