First Dibs on French Oak HH435 With Sullivans Cove Barrel Purchase – Australian Whisky News

AA Sullivans Cove

The perfect Christmas Gift

A personalised 20l barrel of French Oak is one of the best things a whisky lover could dream of…we fill a cask for you, put your name on it and let it mature in our bondstore before bottling and sending it to your home where you can enjoy the fruits of our labour. The only downside is you have to wait a few years while the whisky matures, and that’s why this Christmas you get front-of-queue access to our latest French Oak release, the delicious cask HH435, when you purchase a barrel. Offer closes at midnight on the 31st of December, so hurry to get your hands on a bottle now.


Tasmania Distillery
Lamb Pl
Cambridge, TAS 7170

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