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1995 Benrinnes 20 Year Old K&L Exclusive Signatory Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml ($99.99)

In our opinion, Benrinnes might be the most underrated distillery in all of Scotland. We’ve purchased a number of casks from the Diageo-owned Speyside producer over the years and we’ve even taken a detailed tour of the space. In just about every interaction with both the whisky and the people who make it, we’ve been completely impressed in just about every way. That being said, the 20 year old cask that we pulled in this year from Benrinnes might be the best whisky yet. It’s a jaw-droppingly delicious single malt that brings big vanilla, big spice, loads of ripe fruit, and a creamy, soft mouthfeel for a screaming deal of a price. Two decades in wood at full proof for $99.99? If the label said Glenmorangie or Glenlivet instead of Benrinnes, you’d no doubt be looking at $180 per bottle or more, but the fact that this is Benrinnes cuts that price point right in half. The irony, however, is that we’d rather have the Benrinnes! The finish even flirts with a phenolic note and hints of smoke, despite the fact that Benrinnes doesn’t make peated whisky. Do not miss this whisky. It might be the best of this year’s Signatory crop.
href=”http://www.klwines.com/PersonalReviews/Bio?PRID=2108&ReviewerType=S”>Andrew Stevens | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 15, 2015

After tasting through the new Signatory Cask Strength line up this 20 year old from Benrinnes, a distillery I was not actually familiar with, was my hands down favorite. Elegantly balanced between smooth peat and a little smoke this whisky started and finished super well. The best thing about it was how well the distiller was able to underlay the sweet vanilla notes with a touch of smoke that made me want to immediately take home the bottle.

Heather Vander Wall | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 09, 2015

This whisky is head and shoulders above almost any I’ve tasted this year. I’m not the biggest whisky drinker, but I love complexity, depth and character to my drinks, and this bottle over-achieves in all areas. Of the new Signatory lineup it is by far the softest, and most mild with a lighter body than the others, yet offering subtle complexities of spice and fruit characteristics. Don’t hesitate on this bottle, it is well worth your while

Jeff Garneau | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 04, 2015

Have you ever attended a party where everyone you met was articulate, fascinating, compelling…yet by the time you left you abruptly realized you had spent virtually the entire night talking with just one person? If so, you have some idea of what it was like tasting through the first wave of K&L barrel selections to arrive from Scotland. The ’85 Linkwood was unbelievably creamy in texture, the ’90 Glen Elgin delightfully spicy, the ’88 Blair Athol decadently rich and sweet, and yet…and yet it was the ’95 Benrinnes I kept going back to. Classic notes of wood spice and vanilla, and something I can only identify as “black cardamom” – at once smoky and lightly herbaceous (though David assures me there is no peat used here). I found this to be the most complex and layered of the whiskies I tasted, revealing more of itself each time I returned to the glass. I asked Kyle and David if they had a favorite and without hesitation they both answered “Benrinnes”. Hmm. I have always been more of a wine guy, but David’s relentless insistence that I taste everything he brings through the door may finally be paying off.

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