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KILKERRAN Bourbon Cask and Sherry Cask – These are both back, and new. How is that? They’re still the Kilkerran WIP (Work in Progress) Bourbon and Sherry casks respectively, but these are the 7th iteration. From the folks who originally founded Springbank in Campbeltown, Scotland, these are delightful drams.


A.D. RATTRAY Cask Collection Ben Nevis 17yr TPS Private Barrel – This is a limited edition TPS Private Bottling! Ben Nevis is an excellent scotch distiller and near and dear to our hearts and palates here at TPS. This is something special for any Scotch enthusiast.


CADENHEAD’S Tamnavulin-Glenlivet 22yr – Tamnavulin, comparatively, is a younger Scotch distillery that began in 1966. Nearly all of the whisky produced is used for blending, with very little being released as a single malt. Furthermore, its doors were closed in 1995 and didn’t reopen until 2007. This selection was distilled in 1992, and bottled in 2014. Only 234 bottles were filled!

Producer Feature; Four Roses

Four Roses is fresh on our minds after a trip this past Tuesday to Cox Creek to pick out a few new TPS Private Barrel selections. Four Roses is somewhat of a house favorite here at The Party Source. While on the trip we were told that a number of stories exist as to the origin of the name, Four Roses. The story behind the name that was told to us on this last trip goes like this: Founder Paul Jones Jr. was quite keen on a certain young lady he had met. After proposing a number of times to said young lady, and subsequent rejections, he sent a letter to her regarding an upcoming town ball. He said that if she accepted this, his final proposal for marriage, she was to show up to the ball with red roses. When she came to the ball, she had a bouquet of four red roses. Thus he named his business to honor his great love. This version even differs from the story on the website; but never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

With a history dating back to the late 1800’s, there’s more story than we can share here. However, if you’re interested in more Four Roses history click here For now, we have quite a few selections from Four Roses to share.

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Private Barrel Update

We are flush with excellent selections and more are being bottled, palletized, and shipped as you read this. If you love our private barrels, bookmark this link and check back regularly. Some of these go quite quickly!


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