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We’ve docked at Liverpool with award winning chef, Aiden Byrne


We’re delighted to announce that our award-winning whisky has created a new and exciting partnership with one of the North of England’s leading chefs, Aiden Byrne.

So, whilst for many a single malt Scotch whisky is a delight usually refrained from until after dinner we hope you’ll agree that with a little food pairing inspiration from Aiden Byrne there’s no need to save your favourite whisky for the end of a meal!

Click here to read more and reveal a collection of inspired food pairings.

Mission to Seafarers Woolly Hat Day


As you may know we’ve recently started working with The Mission to Seafarers – a wonderful charity caring for sailors around the world, providing a wide range of support from trauma counselling to simply helping them stay in touch with their families when out at sea.

The Mission to Seafarers have recently announced their latest initiative, the Woolly Hat Day. Woolly hats not only keep seafarers warm, they serve as a symbol of the vital service the charity provides. Hats knitted by volunteers around the world are handed out to sailors at support centres and during ship visits. But even if you can’t knit (it’s never been our strongest point either) you can still get involved by taking part in the campaign on social media or even donating a small amount to the Mission.

Click here to find out how you can get involved.

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