Spring is here, and The Virginia Distillery Co. is Buzzing with Activity – American Whisky News

VDC Still House

We’re sprouting into life

Follow our progress as we grow into full bloom

Like the rootlets spreading out and extending their reach in your vegetable garden, the inner workings of our distillery are taking shape more and more each day. We’re installing piping, our mill, our boiler, and our grain handling system all while expanding into two new markets and planning more events. Just like your garden, spring is a very busy time of year here at the Virginia Distillery Company.


Full steam(pipe) ahead

Construction inside our distillery has hit a fever pitch. Building a facility like ours, where we’ll be using more hands than computers, is not easy, but we think it’s worth the effort. Every day, more and more feet of steam and process piping snake their way through the distillery. As always, follow our progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or, throw on a hard hat and pull up a chair. It’s pretty fun to watch.


Virginia Distillery Company
299 Eades Lane
Lovingston, VA 22949

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