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Cask No. 2.91                 $125

Buck’s Fizz and Gewurtztraminer

Speyside, Spey

The nose (after a somewhat inauspicious, solventy start) eventually settled down to honey and fruit (red grapes, peach brandy, pear-drops, kiwi, apple strudel, Buck’s fizz). With water we detected summer pudding, Juicy Fruit chewing gum, pink grapefruit and Gewürztraminer, with slowly emerging hints of menthol and tobacco. The palate suggested fizzy chews, pear and ‘petrol-flavoured bubble-gum’ (according to one panellist) – generally bright and tongue-coating with waxy green leaf and warm spices of nutmeg and clove to finish. It really came together with water – key lime pie, peppered fruits – a mouth-flooding mix of juicy sweetness and citrus (with gentle spice to finish).

Drinking tip: This is a dram that improves considerably with a little water and a bit of time. Could liven up jaded senses or taste-buds.

Colour: Pretend treasure in a fish tank

Cask: Refill barrel

Age: 12 years

Date distilled: April 2002

Alcohol: 61.1%

USA allocation: 60 bottles

Flavour profile: Young & spritely

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Cask No. 41.61                       $275 

Liquid hedonism

Speyside, Spey

On the nose, golden syrup sponge, peach cobbler and treacle tart were placed on a French polished mahogany table. There were also red velvet cupcakes and a heady plum liqueur. “Everything I look for in a dram!” said one Panellist. An intensely deep and rich experience, with Jamaica cake, baked apples and peaches, dark chocolate, honey and vanilla to taste. The mouth-feel was extraordinarily silky in texture as tropical, mango juices abound in the finish. Water brought sweet ginger, eucalyptus and start anise. One Panellist enjoyed candied fennel seeds whilst strolling through a fragrant and exotic spice market.

Drinking tip: Enjoy at full strength for the ultimate experience

Colour: Elegant bronze sheen

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 33 years

Date distilled: December 1980

Alcohol: 51.5%

USA allocation: 60 bottles

Flavour profile: Old & dignified

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Cask No. 50.62                       $190

Complex and lively


This complex, lively dram did not appeal to everyone’s taste. The nose had delightful sweetness (spun sugar, toffee apples, marzipan, Daim bars) and fruitiness in the form of stewed plums and cherry brandy; but we also detected butterfly wing-beats of rubber, dried flowers and linseed oil. Water brought out sultana loaf, rum and raisin truffles and Soreen malt loaf. The palate offered Moffat toffees in a tin and candy necklaces, plus deeper notes of leather, rubber, caramelised onions and black pepper. Water softened the palate to Coco Pops and cappuccino with hints of Christmas spice – much more drinkable in reduction.

Drinking tip: A bit of leisurely entertainment after dinner

Colour: Toffee gold

Cask: Refill barrel

Age: 24 years

Date distilled: May 1990

Alcohol: 59.1%

USA allocation: 73 bottles

Flavour profile: Spicy & sweet

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Cask No. 85.28                       $220 

‘Once you pop …’

Speyside, Lossie

The aromas neat were all very attractive and popular with the panel members; raspberry ripple ice cream, brandy snaps, caramel wafers, Key lime pie, salted toffee sauce and sour pineapple refresher chew bars. The flavours were all very moreish; sweet and salty popcorn, beef noodle cup-a-soup, Maggi liquid seasoning and memories of those sachets containing flavoured powder to sprinkle over your crisps. Water transported us into a trendy hair salon; wet hair, wet towels, bleach, perfumed shampoo and plenty of hairspray serving fresh tangerine juice, Parma Violet Spritz cocktails and Margaritas in a salted rimmed glass with slice of lime.

Drinking tip: Getting ready for a beach party

Colour: Shiny copper

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 29 years

Date distilled: May 1985

Alcohol: 44.1%

USA allocation: 120 bottles

Flavour profile: Old & dignified

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Cask No. 127.43                     $125         

Kissing a smoker


A damp shed containing oil paints, turpentine and rabbit skin glue soon developed into meaty and peaty notes. There was roast pork, turkey and pheasant on the menu and a Twix to wash it all down. The palate had lots of peat and a caramelised meatiness then lasting cigarette smoke on the finish. It was described as ashy and epic, “Like kissing a smoker” one panellist said. The nose with water took us back to the shed in oily overalls for some putty and linseed oil. Then the meaty notes returned – Chinese suckling pig and duck in hoisin sauce. Honey glazed gammon with rosemary and thyme on the palate and plenty of smoke to finish.

Drinking tip: For chilling out with a Simon and Garfunkel CD

Colour: Faded Roman gold

Cask: Refill barrel

Age: 12 years

Date distilled: June 2002

Alcohol: 65.0%

USA allocation: 120 bottles

Flavour profile: Heavily peated

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