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Joseph Magliocco, President, Michter’s Distillery

Joseph Magliocco is President of Louisville based Michter’s Distillery as well as its parent Chatham Imports, a supplier of imported wines, niche spirits, and beer. Upon completing his studies, he immediately began his full-time work in the spirits industry. Inducted in Bordeaux as a Commandeur de L’Ordre du Bontemps de Medoc et de Graves, he has considerable experience working with not just spirits, but wines as well. He graduated from Yale College, where he majored in Religious Studies and did some bartending, and he earned his law degree at Harvard Law School. He has done and continues to do charitable work volunteering for not-for-profit organisations.

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Dr Nicholas Morgan, Head of Whisky Outreach, Diageo

Dr Nicholas Morgan is Head of Whisky Outreach at Diageo plc, the largest Scotch whisky producer. His previous role as Scotch Heritage Director was to champion the deep-rooted heritage of the company and its brands. Prior to that, he directed Diageo’s global malt whisky marketing team, leading key innovations such as the development of the Talisker range and the introduction of the Special Releases programme. Nick Morgan joined United Distillers (now Diageo) in 1990, when he established the world’s largest collection of historical material relating to the spirits industry. Before that, he taught modern Scottish History at the University of Glasgow.

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