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The ICEBIRG Press creates a better ice sphere maker for whiskey drinkers 

Boise, ID, USA – October 20, 2014 – The ICEBIRG Press has created a better ice sphere maker for whiskey drinkers. Owners Jeff and Kevin Brackus, of Advanced Precision Machining Inc. in Meridian Idaho, created the ICEBIRG Press when they were unable to find an ice press on the market without problems. Other ice presses on the market don’t have the advanced features of the ICEBIRG Press like the melt runoff drain/alignment system, multipurpose channel and drain/alignment holes that make it easier to use and a water-tension removal dial that keeps you from fighting with the press to retrieve your ice sphere. The ICEBIRG Press also has air pressure release holes to relieve pressure during the speedy ice sphere creation process.

The ICEBIRG Press uses thermal mass and gravity (no motor or power required) to create a 2.5 inch ice sphere in less than one minute. For whiskey drinkers, a 2.5 inch ice sphere helps enhance your whiskey of choice rather than just making it cold. Developed to exist between a warm stiff “neat” drink and a super cold and diluted “on the rocks” drink, with the ICEBIRG Press you can have the best of both worlds, at a price point that rivals that of other ice presses on the market.

The ICEBIRG Press is currently available through their Kickstarter campaign at through November 5, 2014.

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