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The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter III Arrives in the USA – Scotch Whisky News

DPB 3 - Bottle & Box

The Devil’s Punch Bowl

”For Chapter III of the Devil’s Punch Bowl I have chosen a brooding selection of Arran’s finest aged Oloroso Sherry Butts which set the scene for the final performance. Notes of distinctive dark chocolate and dried fruits give satisfying depth and provide the ideal foundation for this last dram with the Devil. The inclusion of French Oak Barriques adds a rich layer of spice and toasted oak to proceedings while the Bourbon Barrels bring the sweetness of honey and vanilla. This final flourish of the Punch Bowl brings the curtain down in dramatic style”.

James MacTaggart
Master Distiller

The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter III is a limited edition expression of The Arran Single Malt inspired by the glacial hollow ‘Coire na Ciche’ whose sinister presence dominates the north-east coast of Arran. Our fiendish Distiller James MacTaggart has perused the darkest corners of our warehouses one last time to hand pick the finest casks for the third and final release of this infernal trilogy of devilish drams. Casks across a range of ages and types have been chosen to create perhaps the most distinctive Devil’s Punch Bowl yet.

Bottled at natural strength and without chill-filtration, the Devil’s Punch Bowl is a testimony to the consistent superior quality of the Arran Malt across each year of production.

Dare you be tempted by the Devil one final time?

Nose; Aromatic and floral, a delicate perfume of white peaches with a background of white chocolate

Palate; The influence of the barriques are evident almost immediately, the delicate floral notes give way to a rich and warming touch of spice which amplifies beautifully on your tongue. Chocolate raisin and cinnamon in the tail give this a creamy mouth feel. The fresh character of Arran prevails, the typical citrus notes always in the background, complimented with the light vanilla from the Bourbon Barrels which add a layer of sweetness.

Finish; Long, lingering and luxurious. The final curtain falls with long lasting notes of sweet spice and mandarin. A memorable performance, there’s no going back once you’ve been tempted by the Devil.

Fireball Dispels Internet Rumors – Cinnamon Whisky News

Sazerac Logo

Fireball Dispels Internet Rumors 

Quashes rumors about the North American market and product safety 

NEW ORLEANS, lA.  (Oct 28, 2014) – Fireball Cinnamon Whisky assures its consumers that the product is perfectly safe to drink.  There is no recall in North America.  Fireball fans can continue to enjoy their favorite product as they always have.

Late last week Sazerac, the makers of Fireball, was contacted by its European bottler regarding a small recipe-related compliance issue in Finland.

Regulations for product formulation are different in Europe, which explains why recipes for products like soft drinks, alcohol/spirits and even candies and confections are slightly different than their North American counterparts.  Fireball, therefore, has a slightly different recipe for Europe.

Unfortunately, Fireball shipped its North American formula to Europe and found that one ingredient is out of compliance with European regulations.  Finland, Sweden and Norway have asked to recall those specific batches, which is what the brand is doing.  Fireball anticipates being back on the shelves for fans in these countries within three weeks.

The ingredient in question was propylene glycol (PG).  PG is a regularly used and perfectly safe flavoring ingredient.   PG has been used in more than 4,000 food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for more than 50 years. Most people consume PG every day in soft drinks, sweeteners, some foods or alcoholic beverages.

The ingredient is “generally recognized as safe (GRAS)” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration up to 50 grams per KG.  In Canada, its use is limited to “good manufacturing practice” with no defined numerical limit.  It is used in the Fireball flavor in very small quantities, less than 1/8th of the amount allowed by US FDA regulations.

All Fireball formulas are absolutely safe to drink and the use of PG in Fireball creates no health risk whatsoever.  There is no recall in North America.  Fireball fans can continue to enjoy their favorite product as they always have.

About The Sazerac Company

            Sazerac is one of New Orleans’ oldest family owned, privately held companies and has operations in New Orleans, Louisiana; Frankfort, Bardstown, Louisville and Owensboro, Kentucky; Fredericksburg, Virginia; Carson, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Lewiston, Maine; Londonderry, New Hampshire; and Montreal, Canada.  For more information, please visit

Harper Government Investing in Innovative Distillery Technology – Future Canadian Whisky News

AA MD Logo

Harper Government Investing in Innovative Distillery Technology

Project to raise demand for Canadian barley and create local jobs

October 15, 2014 – Victoria, British Columbia – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Minister of State and MP John Duncan (Vancouver Island North), on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, announced today an investment of $2.37 million to Macaloney Brewers and Distillers, who are bringing an accelerated whisky maturation process to market, a first in North America.

This announcement will help the Canadian distillery establish a new facility in Greater Victoria that will produce premium whiskies with just three years of aging, compared to the average 10 to 12 years commonly used. The introduction of this technology will benefit agricultural producers by increasing demand for malt barley, in addition to generating an estimated 79 full-time jobs.

Quick Facts 

  • Macaloney is a start-up distillery that plans to produce premium whiskies, including single malts, pot still and straight rye for both the domestic and export markets.
  • The Canadian distillery industry employs over 1,200 Canadians and generates $1.3 billion in whisky sales in Canada and around the world.
  • The project is forecast to increase demand for Canada-grown malt barley by 500 tonnes annually by 2018.
  • This investment is made through the Enabling Commercialization and Adoption stream of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriInnovation Program, a five-year, up to $698 million program under Growing Forward 2.


“Our government remains focused on the economy. Our grain farming and whisky industries play an important role in creating jobs and driving exports. Macaloney Distillers is an exciting new player in the Canadian whisky arena, and key investments in innovation like this one will allow them to be competitive with the Scotch, Irish and Bourbon whisky exporters, while rapidly establishing and growing exports to a diversified global marketplace.”

– Minister of State John Duncan, MP 

“Macaloney Distillers’ vision is to utilize B.C.-farmed and malt barley to produce premium single malt whiskies, ultimately for export to over 30 countries worldwide. The rapid whisky maturation innovation supported by this vital AgriInnovation Program will allow us to access these markets in a faster and more flexible way.”

– Dr. Graeme Macaloney, President, Macaloney Brewers and Distillers 

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Kavalan – Taiwan’s First Distillery at D&M California – Taiwan Whisky News

D&M Logo B&W

Kavalan means “Flatland people” Since its release in 2008,Kavalan has received dozens of international whisky awards and titles, beating out traditional Scottish, American and Japanese brands.

AA Kavalan

Discounted Items

KaVaLan Classic Whisky-Taiwan $87.99

Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky-Taiwan  $159.99

KaVaLan King Car Whisky-Taiwan $109.99

KaVaLan Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky $189.99


The Whisky Show Masterclass – Glenfiddich – Scotch Whisky News

Whisky Exchange Header

The Whisky Show Masterclass – Glenfiddich

The first Masterclass of The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show aptly celebrated the first single malt brand – Glenfiddich.


UK brand ambassador Mark Thomson

Led by newly appointed UK brand ambassador Mark Thomson, the Masterclass charted the history of the distillery, with six expressions ranging from the 1960s to the present day. Glenfiddich’s history dates from 1887 and was one of only six Scottish distilleries to operate throughout Prohibition. When the distillery’s owners, William Grant & Sons, built Girvan grain distillery in the early 1960s, the decision was made to differentiate malt whisky from grain. And so in 1963, Glenfiddich became the first single malt (labelled as ‘straight malt’) to be marketed outside Scotland.

Here are my thoughts on the six whiskies that made up the 50-year journey:

Glenfiddich Straight Malt, bot.1960s, 40%

This is the first bottling of straight malt from the 1960s we’ve ever seen – 1970s’ examples are the only ones on our list. The distillery had its own maltings until 1961, so this would have been one of the last whiskies to use barley from it. Predominantly aged in third-fill sherry casks, this harks to a bygone era.


Nose: Citrus-led with a prominent grapefruit note backed up with cinnamon, parsley and a hint of smoke.

Palate: Overtly hoppy, with cinnamon and an earthy backbone.

Finish: Dry and spicy with a hint of smoke.

Comment: A lighter and fruitier style of whisky than the Glenfiddichs of today, but with smoke that was prevalent at the time. It’s no secret that the distillery has spent years trying to reproduce the style. Mark says they have almost perfected it and hope to release it next year.


Glenfiddich Classic, bot.1980s, 43%, £199

An early example of double-matured whisky, this was predominantly aged initially in bourbon casks before being finished in sherry casks. We don’t know the exact length of the finishing period, but the whisky is approximately 12 years old.

Nose: Fruity notes of green apple and stewed pear with a whack of vanilla.

Palate: Dark chocolate orange with cinnamon and prune.

Finish: Dry and spicy with dark chocolate running through.

Comment: The double maturation is surprisingly clear – the classic bourbon-cask vanilla and green-apple aromas are complemented by typical sherried notes of dark chocolate and prune on the palate.


Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Excellence, 43%, £275

A combination of bourbon- and sherry-cask-matured whiskies, this expression was available in the 1990s and lasted for around 10 years before it was replaced with the current 18-year-old incarnation.

Nose: Intriguing quince-jelly note, combined with blood orange.

Palate: Creamy texture, with vanilla spice, walnut and marmalade.

Finish: Medium to long with a spicy orange finish.

Comment: As with the Classic, the mixture of bourbon- and sherry-maturation, with the respective flavours of vanilla and marmalade prominent. It shares many of the same characteristics as the current bottling, but is not as robust.

Glenfiddich 125th Anniversary, 43%, £150

A travel-retail exclusive released in 2012 to commemorate the distillery’s 125th anniversary. A mixture of peated and unpeated spirit, resulting in a whisky of around 12ppm in bottle (similar to Bowmore 10 Year Old) and was aged in a combination of bourbon casks and sherry butts.


Nose: Cereal, yellow apple, orange and peat smoke.

Palate: Sweet peat, orange and a spicy clove undertone.

Finish: Medium length with dry peat and spicy clove continuing to the very end.

Comment: The style is more akin to the pre-1970s’ style of Glenfiddich, with the sweet peat perfectly complementing the spicy finish. Delicious and incredibly moreish.

Glenfiddich 1974, 36 Year Old, Ambassadors’ Choice, 46.8%, £1,200

A now-legendary Glenfiddich, this entry in the Rare Collection series was part-selected by 13 brand ambassadors from around the world, who collectively chose their favourite casks in the distillery – four American oak hogsheads – and was vatted by malt master Brian Kinsman.


Nose: Tropical-fruit rich with mango, melon and Fruit Salad sweets.

Palate: Sensational. A creamy texture laden with spicy caraway, intermingling with papaya, guava and pineapple.

Finish: Long with a spicy, pineapple character.

Comment: An exceptional whisky, it’s hard to write tasting notes that do it justice. A delightful mix of tropical fruit flavours with a spicy undertone that brings it all together.

Glenfiddich Ultimate, 38 Year Old, 40%

A highly sought-after bottling, just 600 decanters were released exclusively for the Chinese market. The intention was to create a light and sweet whisky – something that’s hard to do at this age. This is very difficult to find; if you can, it will set you back around £8,000.


Nose: Rich with sweet toffee and butterscotch aromas.

Palate: Elegant but full of flavour with toffee and marmalade prominent.

Finish: Long, light in intensity with orange at the finale.

Comment: Glenfiddich have achieved what they set out to do – light in body, but packed full of flavour and with a long finish.

This proved to be an exceptional start to the weekend’s Masterclasses, with a rare chance to taste whiskies from a single distillery over such a wide period. The brand’s style may have changed over the years, but the family resemblance is easy to see, as is the ability to produce exceptional whiskies in a range of styles and ages – the 1974 vintage and the Straight Malt were my two personal favourites, even though they were at different ends of the spectrum.

Whisky Wednesday Reviews The Wild Geese Untamed Release Irish Whiskey – Irish Whiskey News


This week Joe Ellis reviews The Wild Geese Untamed Release Irish Whiskey



 Three Ships Select 5YO LLR3


Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old whisky received a Masters award in the World Whisky category at The Spirits Business 2014 The Travel Retail Spirits Masters international competition.  

The competition, held annually by the leading UK spirits magazine, aims to reward the finest travel retail spirit brands, tasted blind by a panel of leading spirits specialists who award entries from around the world with silver, gold or master awards within the various categories.   

With travel retailers supplying world travelers with a growing selection of exclusive and luxury products the competition attracted a record number of entries for its various categories which in addition to whisky also include gin, vodka and brandy.   

Judge and managing editor of The Spirits Busines, Becky Paskin said to win a Masters medal was a significant achievement. “The travel retail environment is a competitive and super premium environment. More than 50% of spirits sales in travel retail are owned by Scotch whisky brands. They drive the aspirational purchases of travelers by investing an incredible amount in promoting their brands.  

“For a South African whisky to win a Masters is certainly outstanding. It proves that Scotland is not the only country to produce quality whisky and Three Ships can certainly compete with the market-leaders in travel retail.”  

Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old is a blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies crafted at the James Sedgwick’s Distillery in Wellington in the Boland. Inspired by the iconic Islay malts, this smoky yet fruity whisky is matured for a minimum of five years in American oak casks before being blended and bottled. The warmer South African climate accelerates maturation, producing an exceptionally smooth whisky after just five years. 

Robust and aromatic on the nose, it blends seamlessly with fruit, oak and shortbread. The palate is peaty with ripe pears and spiciness in the background with a warm, lingering finish.    

The Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old is available nationwide and retails for about R160.


Changes at the Park Avenue Liquor Shop – Whisky News

AA Park Ave

Lots of changes at the
Park Avenue Liquor Shop.

“Hello, yeah, it’s been a while.
Not much, how ’bout you?”
– Dan Seals

We realize we haven’t been in-touch with our e-mail promotion followers for some time. We hope to be more active in keeping you all up to date with new exciting arrivals and promotions at the Park Avenue Liquor Shop.  Please see below for the first of many new exciting changes for the Park Avenue Liquor Shop.

Jonathan & Eric
Park Avenue Liquor Shop
292 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
212-685-2442 *

*We are launching a whole new Website.

In the next day or so – will have whole new look.  It will still capture everything we carry (to the best of our ability) across all categories of wines and spirits.

What is important to know is that if you are already have a login and password for our site – You will need to recreate them for the new site to place future orders. So please make a note of your current information.

During the launch of the new site, we will be filling in information about upcoming tastings, making more announcements and continually adding photo images for the products we carry.

As always we are here to take any questions you have about this exciting change and will do our best to iron out any kinks as quickly as possible.
We hope to see you on our new site.

The Virginia Distillery Company Has A New Look – America Whiskey News

VDC Still House

The new website is live!

Check out our new look and feel

We thank you all for your patience as we completely overhauled our online presence. Our new, beautiful is up and ready for you to have a look around. We’ve incorporated some great new features and some beautiful photography to go along with our new email format and our invigorated social media presence. As things get more and more exciting around here, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Check out our new website

New Features

Jim Murray Whisky Bible Free With Orders Over £150(Ex VAT) at Single Malts Direct – Scotch Whisky News



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