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The Relaxed Whisky Weekend
5 – 7 September 2014

Only 1 month till Maltstock 2014!

Just one month to practice for the whisky quiz, to save for the raffle, to train your liver, to get some extra sleep, to decide which whisky you will be bringing, to buy earplugs, and also just one more month you have to wait.

Let us announce some feature:
– Blind bottle battle
– the Whisky Belle – Campfire tasting
– Friday Pizza day!
– Relaxed Raffle prices
– Masterclass deadline

Blind Bottle Battle:

You have the best club bottling in the world you want everybody to know about? You have a stunning private bottling you want to share? Want to have your random bottle of whisky judged by your peer knowledgable Maltstock guests and win fabulous prizes? Besides having a fair chance at immortal fame and glory? Have a crack at it all in our Blind Bottle Battle!! Bring an extra bottle and have it brought to a blind tasting during Maltstock at the Gathering.

Compete in one of two categories:
– non Scotch whisk(e)y
– 50% + VOL Scotch

There is a prize for the winner bottle in every category and a prize for the best tasting note.

The rules are simple:

1. The bottle must fit into one of the named categories and be submitted to the Maltstock crew unopened before Saturday the 6th of September at Maltstock.
2. One bottle per team/ person can be submitted per category.
3. Relax! it’s just for fun remember?
4. It is fun to know about the prize of the bottle so be so kind as to share it with us and everybody else.

Annabel Meikle tasting:

With great pleasure we announce that Annabel Meikle is coming to Maltstock this year. The Whisky Belle will host a tasting for you at the campfire place. She will be at Maltstock the whole weekend, so there’s plenty of opportunity to take a selfie with Annabel. 🙂

Friday = Pizza day!!:

Instead of Chinese food we are doing something different this year. We have freshly baked pizza. is bringing their ovens and Chefs to make delicious pizza for you to enjoy.

This will take a bit more time. So dinner will be more relaxed. Don’t worry, with 1.5 pizza per person there’s more than enough for everyone.

Win a free stay at Dornoch Castle or 100,- Pounds bar credit:

Dornoch castle have very kindly donated a few amazing prizes for you to win at Maltstock this year:
– 2 nights B&B in a double/twin room
– 1 night B&B and dinner in a double/twin room
– a whopping 100,- pounds bar credit

Last but not least (Let us know which Masterclasses you prefer):

Try not to forget to let us know which Masterclasses you prefer!!!! Do this before 24 August!! Otherwise we won’t be able to assign Masterclasses to you. Thanks!

See you in about a month, we can’t wait!

Relaxed greetings,
Annette, Bob, Klaas, Stan, Teun and Jeroen

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