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a refreshing value in quality single-malts

Lismore is an independent bottler of single-malts from Speyside. Today I present two bottlings: Lismore 15 year old and Lismore 18 year old. That’s all I really know, and beyond it I can only speculate. Since they are single-malts we know that the contents of each bottle came from a single distillery, but I don’t even know if they both came from the same distillery (I think not). There is no explanation of how this bottler came to acquire these casks (there rarely is), but again I have my theories.

What I do know is that I have tasted them and they are both very nice. Finding a nice single-malt isn’t hard of course, it’s finding one at a great price that is increasingly challenging. Now and then, little mystery can be a price worth paying for such extraordinary value. Wherever these Lismores come from, the whisky is a real treat, and deals like this don’t last long.

 AA Lismore

Lismore 15 year old 40% The color of a 15 year old copper still. The nose is majestic, elegant, and living up to all expectations. Heather honey tones and orange peel are topped with a drizzle of maple syrup. $54.99

Lismore 18 year old 40% Smooth, polished oak appearance. Sherried aroma with light cinnamon undertones. Notes of toffee, butterscotch and cotton candy. $74.99

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