#GGDrambassador The Mystery Glen Garioch 48% – Scotch Whisky Mystery


The Mystery Glen Garioch 48% #GGDrambassador

The nose presents tree fruit, slightly over ripe, followed by some really nice oak spice notes. There’s some candle wax lurking in the back ground or maybe even bee’s wax but it’s a welcome addition to the complexity. The taste is wonderfully sweet, like rich honey, along with the oak spice and the bee’s wax with a little biltong for good measure. Dare it be declared that there are wisps of smoke present here?? There’s also an extremely nice creaminess in the taste; much like a fino sherry imbues. It’s all very moreish. The finish is waxy, long and warming and the afore mentioned descriptors show their hand which taken together indicates very good balance. After a few minutes a really wonderful rich creaminess arrives as a last hurrah. 

A very, very nice Glen Garioch but we’ll all have to wait for the age and cask type(s) to be revealed. Whatever the outcome Glen Garioch have a winner on their hands. 

While the jam and the chocolate are appreciated if truth be told we here at Whisky Intelligence are slightly horrified by ginger (ginger root – Zingiber officinale) and are further wigged out by sugared ginger and unfortunately the chocolate sample has several lumps imbedded into its dark surface forcing the your correspondent to nibble around the lumps ….it’s too much, we can’t go on. Much the same can be said for games so very little effort was put forth in solving the clues, which, we can be certain, was to our loss. But the whisky is excellent, the whole bottle gave it’s all for this review. 

It’s in a better place….

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