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200 Days to Go – Let the countdown begin

World Whisky Day – Saturday 17th May 2014

Start getting excited
World Whisky Day falls on the 3rd Saturday in May so for 2014 this means it will be on Saturday 17th May. Mark that in your diary now and tell the next person you meet to mark it in their diary too. 200 days may seem like a long time but it will be here before we know it.

But isn’t every day a whisky day?
Now you may be thinking ‘isn’t every day a whisky day?’. Well kind of, however, World Whisky Day is about celebrating whisky/whiskey and about giving whisky global stage and global media attention for not just a day but for a considerable amount of time around this date. The purpose of this is to introduce whisky to people who have never tried it before and for those that already enjoy whisky to have something special.

All for one and one for all
World Whisky Day is a day for:

• all types of whisky/whiskey.
• everybody, of any background, to enjoy whisky responsibly.
• people new to whisky and people who already enjoy whisky.

All whiskies great and small
World Whisky Day is working with the biggest distilleries in the Scotland and the newest tiniest distilleries in world to make sure that World Whisky Day celebrations can showcase all whisky producers in the world in a fun and open platform available to all.

New to whisky or never tried it before?
If you are new to whisky then World Whisky Day might just be the excuse you need to try whisky for the very first time, as you have always put it off in the past. Why not just give it a go? There could not be a more fitting day to try whisky for the first time. Find an event near you on the World Whisky Day website and learn about the best drink in the world.

Are you a whisky geek?
If you are already a whisky fan then why not open something extra special on World Whisky Day? Everyone has a bottle of something in their cupboard that they have been holding on to for years. Well, why not open it on World Whisky Day and share that special whisky with your friends and family? Hundred’s of people have already done this during the 1st and 2nd World Whisky Day celebrations. Alternatively you could look for a World Whisky Day event happening near your home. Or better yet why not host your own World Whisky Day event?

What has been happening since this year’s WWD in May?
Well, I graduated in July and a week later I was awarded a £50k grant from the Scottish Government to grow and develop World Whisky Day. Since my graduation I’ve been working full time on World Whisky Day to help build what I believe to be an excellent day for the global whisky community to come together and celebrate whisky, the thing we all love.

So what will be happening on WWD 2014?
We are getting a great new website built that makes it much easier to find and add events. We are working closely with distilleries to get them engaged and involved in the global celebrations. We are also working closely with Scottish Government and VisitScotland to help promote World Whisky Day to a worldwide audience.

We hope that World Whisky Day 2014 will be the biggest celebration yet and will see even more whisky enthousiasts than ever before enjoying a glass of whisky on 17th May 2014.


Get Involved
Venue Owner?
You will be able to register your World Whisky Day event in early 2014 but get your thinking caps on now and tell your regulars to save the date for World Whisky Day on 17th May 2014.

Whisky enthousiast?
Please tell your favourite bar and all your whisky friends about World Whisky Day. Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@worldwhiskyday) and Facebook ( for the latest news and some very exciting competitions.

Whisky Distiller or Whisky Brand?
We endeavour to have as many distilleries and brands involved as possible. If you have not heard from us yet we will be in touch very soon. But if you want to let us know about an exciting idea then by all means please drop us a quick message to

That’s all for now but I’ll keep you updated with exciting developments and announcements planned for early in the New Year.

In the meantime if you want to discuss your plans or find out more about getting your venue or whisky involved then please email or call +44 (0)131 208 2582.

Kind regards,
Blair Bowman

World Whisky Day

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