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PennyPacker Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 

From Bourbon Country comes PennyPacker Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  PENNYPACKER has existed since the 60’s belonging to American Distillers who were located in Pekin, Illinois, but never actually launched in the United   States.  BORCO, the German spirits company  bought the brand in 1972, only to export it out of the United States, and developed it to be the leading Bourbon in the German market in the late 70’s, bigger than any other Bourbon brand in Germany at the time.

Three types of grain are used in the distilling process: maize, rye, and barley with Maize making up 70% (above average) of the product.  PennyPacker is produced according to the continuous method of distillation, which guarantees PennyPacker’s invariable character and consistently high quality.  This particularly distinguished bourbon whiskey is full-bodied, yet mild straight bourbon whiskey with a slight hint of vanilla and caramel.  The high quality of PennyPacker makes it ideal for enjoying neat, but can also be enjoyed in a number of bourbon cocktails, with water, or on the rocks.

PennyPacker embodies everything America stands for:  from the Penny to Abraham Lincoln to the American Flag.

PennyPacker has recently received 91 Points from The Tasting Panel Magazine.  Jim Murray said PennyPacker is “seriously well made bourbon with a big small-grain presence and decent age” and gave it 87 points (Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible).

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