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Ralfy Publishes Whisky Review #380 – Scotch Whisky News give a shout-out for corn-rich whisky with Whisky Review 380 – Hankey Bannister blended scotch

Canadian Whisky with Davin de Kergommeaux – Canadian Whisky News

Upcoming Whisky Events 

Join me at key festivals and tasting events including: WhiskyRI, Providence; Irish Whiskey Pub Crawl, Dublin; Midleton Housewarming 2013, Cork; Canadian Rockies China Release Tour, Shanghai; Calgary Single Malt Tasting Tour; Savour Stratford; Forty Creek Release Weekend, Grimsby; Whisky Fest, New York; Whisky Live, Toronto; Spirited Dinner, Kitchener; Victoria Whisky Festival, and more




NEW YORK (JULY 2013)Nat Sherman, Tobacconist to the World, announces the opening of its inaugural pop-up shop in conjunction with Widow Jane Whiskey, a fast growing cult favorite for whiskey lovers at Cacao Prieto, a chocolate factory and distillery in Brooklyn, New York. Located at 218 Conover Street, in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, the 500-square foot pop-up shop inside the Cacao Prieto Apothecary will feature the full Nat Sherman Premium Cigar Portfolio including the award-winning Timeless Collection, The Nat Sherman Host Selection, The Metropolitan and Metropolitan Maduro Selections. The pop-up will also feature a variety of Nat Sherman’s latest product offerings including The Nat Sherman 1930 and The Nat Sherman Sterling, along with the full range of their all-natural luxury cigarettes. The Nat Sherman pop-up is expected to remain open through the end of October 2013. Official hours of operation as well as a schedule of events will be posted on both Nat Sherman’s and Widow Jane’s Facebook pages.

Cacao Prieto was founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, whose family has been farming organic cacao in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years. The Prieto family farm, Coralina Farms, provides the entirety of cacao for Cacao Prieto’s chocolates and spirits. Cacaco Prieto is also home to the distillery that produces Widow Jane Whiskey. Known as The Foundation Spirit of New York, Widow Jane is distilled with the pure, sweet water of the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY, whose limestone quarry was essential in building both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Daniel and his team at Cacao Prieto for Nat Sherman’s inaugural Pop-Up concept,” said Michael Herklots, Executive Director of Brand and Retail Development at Nat Sherman. “We strongly support Daniel’s vision for the distillery, and as both Cacao Prieto and Nat Sherman are New York routed – family-owned and operated, there is no better partner. We look forward to bringing the Nat Sherman experience to Cacao Prieto’s clientele, and the entirety of the Red Hook community.”

The Nat Sherman Pop-Up is adjacent to Botanica, a specialty cocktail bar modeled after the lounge of a bourgeois Venetian hotel. Botanica will join in on the collaborative concept with Nat Sherman, featuring an exclusive list of cocktail and cigar pairings, curated by Michael Herklots, throughout the duration of the pop-up.  

“We are truly thrilled to offer the Nat Sherman experience at our Brooklyn facility,” said, Daniel Prieto Preston, Founder of Cacao Prieto. “We are always looking for ways to innovate what we do here in Redhook, so it’s an honor to partner with Nat Sherman to bring their first Pop Up to fruition.”  

About Nat Sherman International:

Founded by Nat Sherman in 1930 and family-guided for three generations, Nat Sherman International continues to define the authentic tobacco experience. Through a tradition of innovation and expertly crafted products, Nat Sherman’s timeless appeal, while quintessentially New York is embraced and enjoyed worldwide. Learn more at

About Cacao Prieto:

Founded by Daniel Prieto Preston, an inventor and aerospace engineer, whose family has been farming organic cacao and sugar cane in the Dominican Republic for more than 100 years. Cacao Prieto is an Artisan Distillery and produces bean-to-bar chocolate made fresh daily from the finest organic, single origin Dominican Cacao and distills a line of small batch, cacao-based liqueurs and rums. Learn more at

About Widow Jane:

As great whiskey distillers throughout the world — from Kentucky to Scotland — have long known, it takes sweet water from tough rock to make great whiskey. And, that’s what Widow Jane Whiskey, distilled in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, is all about. Made with pure sweet water of the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, New York, it was limestone from this mine which built the Brooklyn Bridge, that statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Learn more at

Malt Messenger Bulletin – New Summer Tastings & Whiskies – Scotch & Other Whisky News

Last night (actually July 25th – WI), at Kensington Wine Market, we had an excellent Japanese whisky tasting: The Last Samurai Part 1.  The tasting featured 3 single cask whiskies from the closed Karuizawa distillery and 4 different single cask whiskies from the Nikka Whisky Co. The Nikka’s included single casks of: Yoichi and Miyagikyo as well as grain and malt whiskies distilled in a Coffey still. All the whiskies were really impressive, and their tasting notes will appear in the next Malt Messenger. If you can’t wait until then, keep an eye on twitter and our store blog: as they will appear there shortly.

Our Benromach KWM Casks have been in store for just three days and are already flying out the door. Come in and see Hunter at the shop this weekend and sample them. He’s off as of Wednesday for three weeks, so after that you’ll have to settle for me! The Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 2 has also been flying off the shelves. In just 2 days we ran out of the bottles that came in on our Wednesday order. More will be in next week, but they won’t last long! For those of you who missed last week’s announcement on the Benromachs and Glendroach, I’ve included their tasting notes below.

We have just set up a slew of summer whisky tastings, including a couple for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society , the world’s largest whisky club.  The

SMWS First Friday VIII will be a cask vs. cask theme; think Spy vs. Spy. There is more Japanese whisky to be tasted in Last Samurai Part 2, which will feature four whiskies from Chichibu distillery and some others from Yoichi and Miyagikyo. We are having a Kavalan Vertical Whisky Tasting which will feature 8 whiskies from the Taiwanese distillery that’s taken the world by storm. Probably the largest vertical of whiskies from this distillery ever put on in North America, certainly in Canada. The Whiskies of Summer tasting will feature some hot new summer whiskies and Ancient Malts in the Summer will highlight some of the rare drams which have landed in the market. I hope you can join us for one of these exciting tastings. Details follow below.

Finally, orders have been brisk for the Whisky Advent Calendar we’ll be launching this fall. Don’t wait too long before reserving yours, there’s only a limited quantity to be had! I’ve included the details on this again below.

Stay cool this summer, and drink whisk(e)y…


Andrew Ferguson – Kensington Wine Market

PS – Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter and Facebook .


We launched our two new Benromach casks in store on Wednesday, and they have been flying out ever since. Both from first fill ex-Bourbon barrels they are 8 and 9 years old respectively, with the former being lightly peated. Both are very well priced at under $82.49 for the 2005 and $84.99 for the 2004. These whiskies aren’t available anywhere else in the world but Kensington Wine Market.

The casks came about when Michael Urquhart agreed to be our special guest for the 2013 Burns Supper. Andy Dunn of Gold Medal Marketing and I came up with the idea of including a cask selection in the evening’s proceedings. Most of the 120 participants had a chance to sample the four cask samples and vote on their favourites. Later that month I sat down with my tasting panel to review the whiskies and count the votes. To my surprise there were not one, but two casks that stood out. We asked Benromach to bottle them for us and the whiskies only arrived in store on Wednesday. Here are my tasting notes on the two casks:

  1. Benromach 2004 KWM Cask 246 – 60.4% – 9 Year – 1st      Fill Bourbon Barrel – 258 Bottles – My Tasting Note: “Nose: very      creamy and grassy with celery, toasted coconut chips, honey dew melon and      orange slices; doughy with a faint hint of peat and juicy malt; Palate:      loads of honey, cream, fruits and malt; there are both citrus and soft      melon fruit notes with vanilla milk shake and sweet chewy malt; though      more than 60% alcohol the spirit is soft and smooth; Finish: lingering,      sweet and malty with more melon notes, late dried orange and      vanilla/honey; Comments: proof positive you can have a very complex      whisky at a young age!” – $84.99
  2. Benromach 2005 KWM Cask 126 – 60.4% – 8 Year – 1st      Fill Bourbon Barrel – 245 Bottles – My Tasting Note: “Nose: very      malty and chewy with honey and clean wood smoke; there is some orange peel      and a hint of chocolate with aloe like vegetal notes and a trace of      cantaloupe; Palate: sweet, smoky and slightly salty to start;      honey, chocolate, orange peels and big chewy malt quickly follow; there      are notes of melon and white fruits under the smoke, malt and big honeyed      oak; peat and chocolate are the last elements to come to the party; Finish:      juicy and sweet with soft peat smoke honey and malt; Comments:      this is a Benromach for Islay drinkers and those wanting to dip their toes      into peatier waters!” – $82.49 



                        In just 10 days we’ve already sold more than 1/3 of the bottles we are expecting. Like Batch 1 before it, we don’t expect this second batch of the Glendronach Cask Strength to last long. 10,000 bottles may have been released worldwide, but no more than 300 have found their way to Alberta.

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 2 – 55.2% – Matured in Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks – My Tasting Note: Nose: treacle sauce, musty-earthy oak, candied nuts, tobacco leaf and Black Licorice Nibs; honey and malt with soft leather; fleshy orchard fruit (plums & peaches) with orangey citrus; Palate: big, leathery, sweet and spicy with tobacco and more musty-earthy oak notes; the dark sugars and candied fruit are there, but it is woodier and more leathery than Batch 1; still a richly sherried whisky though with espresso bean, dark chocolate and salty Dutch licorice; Finish: long, leathery and sweet with the sweet dark sugars reemerging along with candied fruit.– $84.99


AnCnoc is the name given to single malts from the Knockdhu distillery since 1993. Largely a marketing decision, the brand was so named to distinguish Knockdhu from the nearby Knockando distillery owned by Diageo. In some ways this was a little bit rash, as the Knockando brand is almost an unknown quantity with the bulk of its whisky used for blending. But the name has caught on and the quality of whiskies coming from the distillery have been on the rise ever since. An Cnoc is Scots Gaelic for “the hill”, which in English is rendered “Knockdhu”.

The following 3 new anCnoc’s just arrived in the market, in limited quantities:

  1. anCnoc Peter Arkle Edition 3 – 46% – Matured in Sherry Butts & Ex-Bourbon      Barrels – Collaboration with Scottish graphic artist Peter Arkle. The      birks in the label are inspired by the walls of the distillery’s Dunnage      warehouses. – 6000 bottles releases worldwide – Less than 300 in Alberta.      – Distiller’s Tasting Note: Nose: Fresh,      fragrant and complex. The signature rich honey and lemon notes are      accompanied by freshly cut flowers, juicy green apples and sweet vanilla.      A hint of heavy leather adds to the depth while just a touch of ripe      orange zest wraps it up in a beautifully balanced composition.

Palate: A full-bodied dram with great texture. The flavour is spicy at first with notes of vibrant citrus, sherry and dark chocolate developing and revealing a mouth-watering burst of hot toffee and honey sweetness.

Finish: The finish is long and smooth with notes of oranges and sherry enveloped in moreish spiciness. – $71.99

  1. anCnoc 22 Year – 46% – Primarily ex-Bourbon w/      some Oloroso sherry – Distiller’s Tasting Note: Nose: Sweet      and spicy with notes of honey and toffee. Warm Christmas cake is      accentuated by the freshness of lemons, green apples and cut flowers. All      wrapped in a delicate whiff of wood smoke. Palate: Full bodied      and complex. Distinct crushed clove, raisin and blood orange flavours are      at the front, closely followed by layers of fragrant vanilla and leather.      The long, rich finish is smoky and spicy. – $157.99
  2. anCnoc 35 Year – 44.3% – Produced from a      small quantity of Bourbon & Sherry casks. – Distiller’s      Tasting Note: Nose: Smooth and well-balanced, with sweet, fruity      overtones and hints of vanilla, opening up with a drop of water to bright      honeysuckle and gooseberry. Palate: Smooth and full-bodied      with a long-lasting, elegant finish. Sweet notes of sherry and vanilla      balanced with a zing of citrus. – $396.99 – Only 12 bottles      available in Alberta!     

Other anCnoc’s available from KWM:

  1. anCnoc 12 Year – 40% – Distiller’s      Tasting Note: Nose: Soft, very aromatic with a hint of honey and lemon      in the foreground. Palate: Sweet to start with      an appetising fruitiness and a long smooth finish. A malt for every      occasion. –      $52.99
  2. anCnoc 16 Year – 46% – Matured in American Oak      – My Tasting Note: Nose: floral, bourbony and citric;      dandelions, geraniums and rose petals; barley sugars, firm toasted oak and      roasted coconut chips; citrus notes include shades of lemon and lime      zest; Palate: is massively bourbony with vanilla icing,      shredded coconut and more firm toasted oak; the citrus notes are much more      prominent on the palate with lemon drops, candied orange and lemon/lime      zest; there is a soft creamy component to it too but the whisky retains a      soft character and is far from over the top; Finish: drying and      toasty with burnt orange, a late wave of lemon drops and more vanilla      icing. – $97.99


Macallan Brand Ambassador Dan Volway will be coming to town to put on a tasting of the new 1824 collection for our customers. The tasting will feature the Gold, Amber and Sienna bottlings pitted against the Travel Retail (Duty Free) Collection releases. As a special treat we will also be sampling Macallan Ruby. $50pp Part of Proceeds to be donated to Alberta Flood Related Charities.

To sign up for this tasting please call the store at 403-283-8000 or register online at: .

SCOTCH MALT WHISKY SOCIETY FIRST FRIDAY VIII – Friday August 2nd – $45 ($35 Members)

Every month the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s Calgary branch holds a couple of

tastings to feature the month’s new releases. There are no new releases this month, but we will be presenting a couple of teaser whiskies that will be released later in 2013. Our lineup is a Cask vs. Cask tasting of 8 whiskies from four distilleries: 36, 30, 4 and 29! Two sit down seatings limited to 20 participants will be offered one at 6PM and 8PM respectively. For more information on the Society visit .

To sign up for this tasting please call the store at 403-283-8000 or register online at: .

THE LAST SAMURAI – PART 2 – Thursday August 8th – $50

My recent whisky trip to Japan has left me with a treasure trove of photos and insight into one of the world’s lesser known whisky producers. We are proud to offer North America’s largest selection of Japanese whiskies, and when it came time to putting on July’s Last Samurai tasting it quickly became apparent we had too many photos and too many whiskies to limit ourselves to just one tasting. The Last Samurai Part 2 will consist of four whiskies from the Chichibu distillery, as well as others from Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. This event is sure to delight, and not leave you feeling Lost in Translation!

To sign up for this tasting please call the store at 403-283-8000 or register online at: .

KAVALAN VERTICAL WHISKY TASTING – Thursday August 15th – $60

In May I made a pilgrimage to China, Japan and Taiwan on drinks business, it really is a tough job! The last of my ports of call was northern Taiwan, specifically a new distillery called Kavalan an hour south of Taipei. Kavalan was established by a Taiwanese food industry giant the King Car Group. They hired some of the top guns in the Scotch whisky industry to help them design their distillery and ensure they made world class whisky. Within just three years of starting production they were already winning whisky competitions the world over and stunning consumers.  Join us for a vertical tasting of 8 single malts from the Kavalan distillery, including everything from Kavalan Concertmaster Port Finish ($94.99) to the Solist Fino ($324.99).

To sign up for this tasting please call the store at 403-283-8000 or register online at: 

THE WHISKIES OF SUMMER – Friday August 16th – $40

Join us for a casual sit down sampling of 7 of this summer’s hottest whiskies. Scotch-heavy, but not necessarily restricted to just Scotch whisky. 

To sign up for this tasting please call the store at 403-283-8000 or register online at: .

ANCIENT MALTS IN THE SUMMER – Thursday August 22nd – $225

There are a couple of interesting whiskies available in Alberta right now, and some of them won’t last the summer. So we’re throwing an Ancient Malts in the Summer tasting to ensure we don’t miss out on them. The highlight will almost certainly be the Bunnahabhain 40  Year old, around which the tasting is being built, but lest you think that’s the only Marquee bottling we’ll be pouring, let me point out, the tasting will also feature the Jura 1977 Vintage and Dalmore Ceti 30 Year to name just a few! Only 20 spots available for what will no doubt be a very memorable summer evening. 

To sign up for this tasting please call the store at 403-283-8000 or register online at: .


Kensington Wine Market is very pleased to announce that we have acquired Master of Malt’s Whisky Advent Calendar as a Canadian exclusive for our store in Calgary! This could be this fall’s hottest whisky gift idea in Canada… Within 30 minutes of announcing it on Twitter we had a dozen orders! Behind each of the 24 doors is a different 30ml sample of delicious whisky! The exact contents are a surprise, but we can tell you that behind one of the doors is a sample of 50 year old Scotch whisky, the full-sized bottle of which is worth $600! The Whisky Advent Calendar will retail for $299.99 +GST and is Exclusive to KWM in Canada!

You can pre-order your Whisky Advent Calendar by clicking this link to the product page and placing a request through our website. Or you can call us at 402-283-8000 or 888-283-9004 and leave your information.


If you have any whisky questions or comments concerning The Malt Messenger please contact me by e-mail, phone, or drop by the store. Feel free to forward me any whisky news you feel should be included in a future issue of The Malt Messenger; it might just get included.

All of the products mentioned in THE MALT MESSENGER can be purchased in store, over the phone or from our website at All prices quoted in the Malt Messenger are subject to change, don’t include GST. In the case of discrepancies in pricing, the price in our in store point of sale will be taken as correct.

Thanks for reading the Malt Messenger.


Andrew Ferguson

Manager & Scotchguy

Kensington Wine Market


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Owner & Opperator

Ferguson’s Whisky Tours

Victoria Whisky Festival Called Best in World – Excellent Whisky News

Victoria Whisky Festival called Best in World

According to a Scottish brand ambassador at Tales of the Cocktail recently, whisky professionals love visiting Canada.There is a group of paid whisky ambassadors who travel the globe promoting whisky. The one event they all want to see on their schedule is the four-day-long Victoria Whisky Festival held each January. Not only is it Canada’s biggest whisky festival, now we know it’s the brand ambassadors’ favourite too. (As reported by Davin de Kergommeaux of Canadian Whisky)

Glenmorangie Is Recruiting an Assistant Distilling Manager/ Whisky Creator – Scotch Whisky News

Following a period of exponential international growth, Glenmorangie, one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies, is recruiting an Assistant Distilling Manager/ Whisky Creator. 

Reporting to and learning from our Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation & Whisky Stocks, Dr Bill Lumsden, the successful candidate will embark on an extensive and dedicated induction programme, including extended periods of work at the Glenmorangie & Ardbeg distilleries. This role offers personal development, including technical studies, both on-site and with external research bodies. Additionally the new Assistant Distilling Manager/ Whisky Creator will undertake global brand ambassadorial duties, including working with journalists, bloggers, writers and enthusiasts. 

This is a rare and fantastic opportunity for an aspiring engineering, chemistry or drinks professional to develop into one of the world’s leading, acclaimed experts in the whisky field. 

For more information and to apply, please visit 

Eden Scott is the recruitment partner to Glenmorangie, recruiting professional and technical roles across Scotland, UK and Europe.

New Arrivals at K&L California – Whisky News


Scotland – Single Malt Scotch

  • Glen Elgin 17 Year Old A.D. Rattray K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml ($109.99)

United States – Single Malt Scotch

  • Lost Spirits Califia Single Malt Whiskey 750ml – 5 available ($55.99)

K&L Wine Merchants
Phone: 877-KLWines (toll free 877-559-4637)
San Francisco, Redwood City, Hollywood CA

The Macallan 18yo 1995 100% Sherry Cask Matured £116.00 at Loch Fyne Whiskies – Scotch Whisky News

The Macallan 18yo 1995 100% Sherry Cask Matured £116.00

In my opinion, the best Macallan and the best of the full sherried single malts. Blindingly complex. This has a big rich milk chocolate nose with lychees and soft apricot. On the palate it is a real fruit salad, very fresh and alive with Kiwi fruit and nectarines. The long, long finish is a wonderful experience to behold.

Still undoubtedly an Ace. (LFW comment)

‘Whiskies distilled in 1995 and in earlier years’

Add to Cart


Whisky Live Shanghai Back for its 5th Year 

China’s largest annual whisky festival is back for its fifth year with a record-breaking number of brands and a star line-up of international whisky icons making their China debut. This year’s show takes place from Friday 23-Saturday 24 August at the five-star Le Royal Meridien Hotel on Nanjing Road East.

Fourty-four deluxe blends and ultra-premium Single Malts, more than ever before, will showcase alongside VIP workshops from Martine Nouet, one of the world’s top whisky experts. Other exclusive experiences/ appearances will be announced nearer the time.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating our fifth anniversary of Whisky Live in Mainland China. Since the launch of the show by the First Minister of Scotland in 2009 we have seen many changes that has seen the whisky category grow in size and stature,’ says Stephen Notman, show director. ‘Of course there have been challenges on the way but we are once again proud to be introducing new brands for the very first time into China along with established favourites.’

This year’s show welcomes leading whisky and food commentator Martine Nouet on her first trip to China. Nicknamed “La Reine de L’Alambic” (the Queen of Stills), Nouet will be pairing fresh Scottish seafood in the Whisky and Food Experience. (Check WhiskyLIVE’s Weibo page for exclusive announcements and industry news.)

With the highly anticipated launch of the Stephen Notman Gold Signature Awards, China’s first bilingual whisky rating system, announcing the very best whiskies legally available in Mainland China. The team also delighted to announce the involvement of Chinese manga artist Zhang Xiao Bai who has designed the label of a 5th Anniversary Limited Edition bottle.

As ever, Whisky Live aims to provide novices and industry experts alike with a fully interactive, luxurious experience. Guests will have the chance to attend educational workshops and free tastings, hosted by fully trained brand ambassadors. Newcomers to this year include luxury Scottish seafood purveyors Loch Fyne, plus a number of premium whiskies.


1)     For more information, exclusives and to arrange interviews, please contact Press Officer

Charlotte Middlehurst on +86 156 1814 3200, email

2)     Whisky Live is the world’s premier whisky tasting and sampling show, taking place in 17 countries from London to Tokyo, Paris to Taipei.

3)     Stephen Notman is one of the youngest recipients ever of The Keepers of the Quaich award. He is Managing Director of Whisky Live Shanghai and Taipei, Chief Whisky Advisor for Global Spirit Merchants and Whisky Sommelier at the Waldorf Astoria.

Stephen Notman

4)     Whisky Live 2013 will be held at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Xizang Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai, on August 23 and 24. Tickets: Consumers 150RMB, VIPs 1,000RMB (ticket includes 5th anniversary limited edition bottling of 15 Year Old Single Cask Arran) 2013

The Stephen Notman Gold Signature Awards Launch in China – Whisky News

The Stephen Notman Gold Signature Awards Launch in China 

The Stephen Notman Gold Signature Awards, a new landmark rating system specifically designed for China, will launch at this year’s Whisky Live Shanghai on the 23rd August. The Awards mark the first comprehensive guide to whisky published in Mainland China in both Chinese and English. Backed by the Scottish Government the groundbreaking prize is a first for the region and the whisky industry worldwide.

“Interacting with old and new whisky lovers is key to developing the whisky market in China. With whisky marketing getting evermore complex it is essential to place actual taste as paramount,” says Stephen Notman judge and founder of Whisky Live Shanghai and Whisky Live Taipei, the world’s largest whisky festival.

Scored out of 100, over 120 whiskies that are legally registered in Mainland China have been evaluated using Notman’s experience as a World Whisky Awards and IWSC judge, along with his neutrality as an advisor to the Scottish Government on whisky in China. Notman has lived in China for six years and conducted around 350 tastings across the country and the Far East. He is also the youngest serving Keeper of the Quaich, a title once held by former US President Ronald Reagan.

The eagerly anticipated results will be announced at this year’s show. They will be published in the Whisky Live Magazine and broadcast to Whisky Live’s 46,000 Weibo and Weixin followers. They will also be accessible via a new App, which allows consumers to judge the whiskies themselves.

“My main aim is to make whisky easier, to decode the complexity and make it even more of a talking point in China. I take into account the taste profile of Asia, where people don’t necessarily want big, smoky whiskies,” says Notman. “I hope the awards will raise the profile of the entire whisky industry in the region.”

For regular updates and exclusive announcements follow @WhiskyLIVE on Weibo.


1) For more exclusive previews and to arrange interviews, please contact press officer Charlotte Middlehurst on +86 156 1814 3200, email

2) Whisky Live is the world’s premier whisky tasting and sampling show, taking place in 17 countries from London to Tokyo, Paris to Taipei.

3) Steve Notman is managing director of Whisky Live Shanghai, chief whisky advisor for Global Spirit Merchants and whisky sommelier at the Waldorf Astoria, and contributor to DRiNK magazine.

4) Whisky Live 2013 will be held at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Xizang Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai, on August 23 and 24. More information on the show available here Weibo @WhiskyLIVE.

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