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Jura whisky is providing fans with a unique opportunity to experience a virtual tasting of an unreleased dram, thanks to an illustrative video which captures the taste and flavour of its new 40 year old malt.

The 39¾ – a preview of the soon to be released Jura 40 year old malt – was exclusively sampled to visitors at the Jura Whisky Festival, an established event in the annual “Fèis Ìle” (Islay Whisky Festival) which took place in May.  Artist Robbie’s Brown Shoes, of the Puck Collective, has visually captured the tasting session led by Jura’s Global Brand Ambassador Willie Tait, as well as the responses and opinions of those who were lucky enough to taste the vintage malt.

Breaking the mould of traditional whisky tastings, Robbie has brought Willie’s words to life in a short film and accompanying illustrations in his own distinctive style.  As well as taking viewers through the history of Jura whisky, Robbie captures the scents of pineapple, coffee beans and old English marmalade and the tastes of manuka honey, sultanas and amaretto liqueur, which can all be savoured in the release.

Jura’s loyal fans will now have the chance to experience the new malt, when the short film is released online from Thursday, 25 July.  As well as enjoying a preview of the malt, Jura’s Twitter followers will also have the chance to win a rare sample of the 39¾, in return for retweeting the video.

Willie Tait, Global Brand Ambassador for Jura said:
“The initial response from those who were lucky enough to sample the 39¾ was one of absolute joy! Although we’re sadly unable to provide all of our customers with an exclusive tasting, it’s great to be able to share a preview of this malt in such an innovative way. This is certainly the first time I have ever seen a tasting brought to life with images rather than words. Robbie has done an amazing job of capturing my notes on the new malt and summing up the experiences of all those who attended the festival. However, anyone wishing to snap up a bottle of the Jura 40 year old will have to wait a while longer, as it’s not scheduled to be released until spring 2014.”

About Jura

The history of whisky distillingon Jura
The story of whisky distilling on Jura is a colourful tale of deceit, hardship and heroism. Over 400 years ago illicit distilling was rife on the island, until in 1781 when meddling politicians introduced a ban on illegal distillation that effectively brought an end to whisky distilling on Jura.

The Jura distillery was founded in 1810 by the then Laird, Archibald Campbell, but over the years it began to fall into a state of disrepair. However, the early 1960’s signalled a new era of good fortune for the distillery when two locals, Robin Fletcher (owner of the Ardlussa Estate) and Tony Riley-Smith (owner of Jura house) rebuilt it, not only bringing back this magical malt, but also creating jobs on the island.

In 1963, architect William Delme-Evans worked with Fletcher and Riley-Smith to introduce tall, elegant stills into the distillery and it is those very same stills that continue to produce the precious amber malt to this day.

There are five classic bottlings in the Jura Collection, each with their own distinctive flavour profiles: the light and delicate Origin 10; the rich and full bodied Diurachs’ Own 16 year old; fruity and spicy Elixir, and Superstition and Prophecy which are lightly and heavily peated respectively.

To find out more visit www.jurawhisky.com

The illustration of the Jura 39¾ tasting session created by Robbie’s Brown Shoes


Click above to view and share the Jura 39¾ illustrated tasting.

For more information on the Jura 40 year old please visit www.jurawhisky.com

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