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The Spirits of Kingston Whisky Festival

by Sylvain Bouffard

We’ve all been solicited to give to Charities. Charitable organisations rely on fund raising events such as Galas, Dinners, Baked Goods Sales, Silent Auctions and etcetera. The Museum of Military Communications and Electronics is offering a refreshing change: a Whisky Festival! Why not try something new!!

Picture yourself in February 2013. Winter is lingering. The February Blues are bringing you down. Why not attend

The Spirits of Kingston Whisky Festival? Bring a friend. The Spirits of Kingston Whisky also a great gift for that hard to buy for person.

On Saturday evening, February 23rd 2013, between 7 and 10 pm, the Museum will be transformed into a whisky exhibition hall and over twenty Vendors will be dispersed amidst the museum’s displays. With your compli-mentary crystal glass, especially designed for whisking tasting and imported from Scotland, stroll through the Museum and discover which eau de vie tickles your fancies: Scotch, Irish, Canadian or American whiskies.

The Spirits of Kingston Whisky Festival is proud to offer you, with your general admission, an opportunity to enjoy Light Finger Food, which will consist of a great selection of bite-sized dishes prepared by Cordon Bleu Chef, Justin Hazlett. Experience Whisky-Food pairing, where the flavours of the whiskies compliment the taste of the food and vice versa!

It is the perfect occasion for novices, and enthusiasts alike, to experiment and avoid having to purchase a bottle of undesirable whisky that will forever sit on a dusty book shelf. Connoisseurs will be able to appreciate the premium whiskies served in Master Classes and the presence of one of the only two Canadian coopers.

The Spirits of Kingston Whisky Festival promises to be a fantastic Night Out: Sample whiskies, visit a local Museum and support a local charity!

In the end, I very much look forward to share with the 300 ticket holders to The Spirits of Kingston Whisky Festival the passion and enthusiasm that I have towards discovering, learning, sampling and enjoying whiskies and whisky making. A passion which started several years ago, after my wife told me to get a hobby to lessen the stressors of a busy life. When I mentioned that I could join a Scotch Whisky Club, I was pleasantly surprised by her response that it sounded like a great idea. Little did I know then that my dabbling in Whisky would take me to so many places throughout Canada and introduce me to so many interesting people. As the saying goes “People who love Whiskies, love people who love Whiskies” and with good reason. There are just as many interesting and complex Whiskies as there are people. Each with their own unique blend of characteristics which when paired with a complimentary joie de vivre makes for a great friendship.

Please visit for additional information and tickets.

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