After their Whisky Test Win, The New Zealand Whisky Company Helps Whisky, Rugby & Other Sporting Clubs in Canada Host An International Whisky Tasting Fundraiser – New Zealand Whisky News

After their Whisky Test win, The New Zealand Whisky Company helps whisky, rugby and other sporting clubs in Canada host an International Whisky Tasting Fundraiser

From the stunning clean-sweep of wins over the English, Welsh and even Scottish whiskies in a Whisky Test Match series around the UK in November 2012, Greg Ramsay (CEO) of The New Zealand Whisky Company dreamed up a win-win campaign to celebrate the launch of their whisky in Canada AND help Canadian whisky and sporting clubs raise funds. The New Zealand whisky industry has a strong connection with Canada, as you can read about here.

By hosting an international whisky tasting event – similar to the series run in the UK in November – the whisky or sporting club can potentially raise some much-needed funds for their club, while their members have fun and educational evening (often in the off-season).

It’s really easy to run the fundraising event – the New Zealand Whisky Company sends the club a kit which tells them, step-by-step, how to run the event. They even provide material for the club to promote the event.

For a small cash outlay by the club (to buy 5 bottles of international whisky for the event), on top of the value participants get in learning about whisky through the tastings the total prize pool available to hand out on the night is around $240 CAD (The New Zealand Whisky Company sends some whisky-related products for the prize pool).

Pricing the event as they recommend, the club only needs about 8 people to break-even so the 9th and every person after that who comes along is adding to the clubs’ coffers.

And, The New Zealand Whisky Company is offering some excellent bonuses too – including whisky hipflasks, Rugby balls signed by an All Blacks player, a personal group tasting event hosted by The New Zealand Whisky Company CEO at the club AND even a return flight from Canada to New Zealand for one lucky whisky drinker.

A sporting or whisky club in Canada must register online before midnight Sunday 17 January 2013 UTC. More details and where to register can be found here

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