Great King Street – New York Blend Now Available! – Scotch Whisky News

We are delighted to announce the release of the first in a series of one-off, regional Scotch whisky blends under the Great King Street label: the “New York Blend”. Created for the 2012 New York Whisky Fest, the whisky is dedicated to Patrick J. Duffy, the man who legend has it was responsible for the first branded and bottled Scotch whisky to arrive in New York in 1894. The blend is based on an actual recipe from the 1890s.

John Glaser has created only 1,800 bottles of this unique, smoky, full-flavoured Blended Scotch whisky. The New York Blend uses lots of peaty single malts, plenty of sherry cask-aged single malts, and a much higher proportion of malt to grain whisky (80%/20%) than is typically used today. Just as the finest blending houses would have done in 1894.

Bottled at a higher strength of 46%, Great King Street – New York Blend will only be available in the US, primarily in the New York Metropolitan area, following its launch on Saturday 27th October. However, we are also offering a few bottles for sale on an exclusive basis from our UK-based web shop so if you would like to pick up a bottle, don’t delay!

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