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Angels fly into Perth.

Angels whisky club; a flight of angels recently landed upon Perth, Scotland. Reason; celebrations! 1; Pre Halloween dramfest, and 2; Celtic Barcelona pre fixture challenge.

Halloween; a flight of angels pounced on Christies pub again, myself (Paul), Ming, Boab, Lizzie & Kev. With a little help from our friends (Ron, Billy and Irish Paul). Settlin doon at the usual corner of the bar (it’s a round bar in here) we set upon a pre fest thirst quencher. A mix of Dark Island (suitable for all Hallows), Black Bush and a pear cider (apples you see), telly was on sky sports. Ahead of us lay some weird animals, may the Lord be truly thankful. First dram was a refreshing Sheep Dip; The name came from Scots farmers –  a time when farmers distilled their own whisky, to avoid paying taxes to the excise man they put the whisky in barrels marked “Sheep Dip”.  A golden colour,  floral and fruity, pear, orange the main accent from the Highlands (Dalmore) and Speyside Glens. A nice easy start, we all dipped again! Then moving on to a Pigs Nose; came to the market in 1977 as a stable pal for Sheep Dip… the whisky in the bottle was as smooth as a pig’s nose. 16 different malts go into Sheep Dip, while Pig’s Nose has a high malt content of 40 per cent. Enough from the farm, we moved onto the water and sampled an Alligator; one of a brood from Islay with a bite and a snap to it. Flowery, chocolate notes, yer granny’s out of date humbugs and smokey bacon crisps (er, that could be Boab with his damn bag of prawn cocktail) developed into peat/smoke, this alligator is perfectly happy out of water! So what did we do? Added a wee pool of water to our glasses. Ardbeg’s drams always sing goin doon.

Time for a breather, Lizzie was getting tearful (farmers girl so she is) with all these animals consumed. As part of the brand campaign for Black Bottle Whisky a new Halloween party has been announced at Film City Glasgow in October. The campaign has been launched on the Black Bottle Whisky facebook pages. Further online and offline activities will be revealed at a later stage pre and post the event.  – be quick! So we tried one, much to Boab’s displeasure, its his bottle!

After a few snacks from Helen & Billy, we dived into Halloween again, Raven’s Blood cocktail; grenadine, a good slosh of Black Bush whiskey  a lemon/lime to taste, many thanks go to Karen behind the bar for this concoxion. It certainly woke us all up! Reminded me of a Grouse with ice and appletise. This drink created some amusement in the bar, or was it us? Anyhow, onwards, on the “broom”stick trail with my first ex (she will be flyin aboot anytime noo) … see what we are doin here? Actually there is no need to introduce Dave Broom. He is one of the best whisky writers out there, you have read at least one of his books or magazine things already. So he does like a good whisky; “a Cutty Sark and soda in a bar about half an hour ago. The perfect drink for the moment”. See, even a credible expert admits to a soda! So we had to try it, (Paul just happened to have a bottle of the new Cutty Sark Storm). Too clever I know; witches, brooms and storms. Just then the local black cat wandered in through the open front door, took one look, and wandered back oot.

We ended our travel to Halloween with a Satsuma tangerine each, a perfect citrus finale.

Celtic Barcelona pre fixture challenge. we all were surprised and delighted we were only beaten 2 – 1 at the Nou Camp, Barcelona. Even then, it was 3 and a half minutes into extra time before the second fell into our net. So we end today with a salute to Celtic Football Club, with a suitable dram – a Wild Geese hot toddy – it started to snow here so we thought it apt!

Patrick Sarsfield’s army is defeated at the decisive Battle of The Boyne (July 1st 1690). From this point on, his attempts to oust the English and place James II (see the Scottish link here) on the throne, were doomed. There followed the Treaty of Limerick where Sarsfield’s army was given a stark choice. Those that chose to live under English rule filed one way, others like Sarsfield and his followers turned the other way, to board French ships to take them to France. They took the name The Wild Geese in the hope and belief that this would be a temporary strategic exile in Europe much the same as Celtic’s season last time in Europe. Come on the hoops, lets give the Barca’s something to remember us by! Slainte!

Story written down (as remembered) by Paul McLean,

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