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Greetings whisky devotees,

We’re happy to talk to you again, and in case you long for an occasion to celebrate with whisky, here is an excellent one for you: fall officially started with last Saturday’s equinox. If you happen to be a sports fan, you may as well find a good use of your whisky to cheer on your favorite team this football season.

And let’s not forget the elections that mark this year’s autumn. While choosing one out of two doesn’t appear a conceptually difficult act, it may still involve serious and fervent decision-making. Imagine if hundreds and hundreds of candidates were running for president… whisky president. What a great way to exercise positive thinking!

Whisky Elections 2012

Announcing the “Whisky Elections 2012,” where each is free to nominate their own candidate to take up the White House–or, in our case, a term in the Whisky Cabinet. And since the origins of the presidency have recently become less emphatic, feel free to vote for a nominee of any whisky descent: be it a wellborn Scotsman, a fiery Irish, an unbounded American, an amicable Australian, or any other. Send us a brief passage on why you’ve nominated that specific whisky, and why you think it should win; the most convincing explanation gets two tickets to WoW Expo San Francisco or Austin 2013.

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Contest ends on Nov. 30, 2012.

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