Longrow Red at T.B. Watson Ltd – Scotch Whisky News

Cask Type: Seven years in refill bourbon, four years in Cabernet Sauvignon hogsheads.
Cask Origin: Angoveʼs Long Row, Australia.
Colour: Red
Nose: A real treat. Sweet in the beginning; raspberry jam and hints of rose petal. As the nose develops it reveals a light peatiness, with cherries, red grapefruit and blood oranges.
Palate: Oh thereʼs the peat! Initially oaky and leathery with a little bit of tobacco and salt, the Cabernet Sauvignon influence appears later with some blackberries and cinnamon. A very chewy dram.
Finish:Long and peaty. Definitely coastal in style, there is a touch of mellow fruitiness here too.


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