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I’m now here in the beautiful city of Nuremberg; it’s hard to believe that this will be the sixth show that we have put on since we first dreamt up Laphroaig Live back in 2007!

The production team have already started setting everything up and I’ve had a chance to look around this wonderful location. I’ve seen quite a bit of Germany the past few days as I held tastings on Monday, Tuesday and yesterday and I have two more on Friday and Saturday in Hamburg and Berlin, should be great fun.

Pierre Thiebaut, founder of and one of tonight’s panellists, is here and he is currently recording a podcast about his experience so far. I’ll send you the link once he has finished it.

Anyway, we have a lot to do today so I will keep it short. Don’t forget to tune in to tonight at 9pm (German time) for the live show. If you haven’t yet checked what time this will be in your time zone, you can do so here:

I’m looking forward to receiving your questions later. Remember that, as always, if your question is read out then you will be sent a special prize!


John Campbell
John Campbell
Distillery Manager, Laphroaig

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