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Greetings Fellow WhiskeyLover!!  

It was great to see so many of you at Whisky Live in Boston last Saturday night. It was another fantastic Whisky Live event, well attended, and delicious whiskies flowing. A really wonderful time.
But it’s not Wednesday…its Thursday. This weeks email is a day late due to the holiday yesterday…so I hope you’ll do a little time travel with me back to yesterday.
And speaking of “time travel, this weeks featured whisky is all about the headlong rush of science and unlocking the keys tome of the great mysteries of the universe.
What does the heck does this have to do with whisky?” you ask!  Please allow me to explain.
During the summer of 2011, the whisky boffins at Ardbeg found themselves restless…producing one of the world’s great whiskies had left them “wondering”. And so, they decided it was time to boldly go where no whisky had gone before.
So in the late autumn of 2011, a rocket ship blasted off this earth at 25,000 mph. Deep within the cargo area of the ship was no ordinary cargo. For the spaceship carried with it a bottle of precious Ardbeg crafted molecules – the beginning of a fascinating first: a research experiment by the chaps at Ardbeg…in space!
This was the most audacious adventure ever undertaken the the distillery (or any other whisky distillery, for that matter).
The Mission: The goal of the experiment was to measure the difference in aging (the interaction of young spirit with charred oak) between normal gravity here on earth and the micro-gravity environment found on the International Space Station…the outcome would hopefully lead to a greater understanding of of the mysteries of maturation…oh, and of the entire universe as well.
The spirit will remain hidden in the hold of the Space Station for a period of up to three years (unless of course the astronauts living there find it!) during which time the development of the whiskey will be monitored against “control samples” here on earth – in Houston Texas and, more familiarly in a cask of new make spirit resting in Warehouse #3 at the Ardbeg distillery.
To celebrate this research initiative, Ardbeg created a very unusual and very very limited whisky, aptly called Ardbeg Galileo.  At its heart, Galileo is hallmark Ardbeg whiskey produced in 1999 that has been matured in classic ex-bourbon barrels and finished in ex-Marsala sherry casks.  The result is a deep golden, smoky Ardbeg balanced with rich flavors from Sicily.  The whiskey is non-chill-filtered for extra texture and mouthfeel, and bottled at a strength of 49% abv.
This is an extremely limited production whisky, and virtually impossible to find anywhere. Lucky for us, Nicky The Neck was once part of the team that involved sending unidentified bodies into space, and so was able to secure for us a very limited quantity of this out of this world whisky.
And so it is with great excitement that we’re able to offer a bottle of Ardbeg Galileo, for $110/ bottle, to the lucky few who react with warp speed (one/1 bottle/ customer please).  But be fast…really fast….because once Galileo is gone…it’s gone!
And until next week, high spirits to you all!

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