Speyburn 11yo 1995/2007 (59%, A. D. Rattray, Bourbon, C#422, 287 Bts.) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note


Speyburn 11yo 1995/2007 (59%, A. D. Rattray, Bourbon, C#422, 287 Bts.)

From Dewar Rattray’s (now A. D Rattray) Cask Collection; single casks bottled at cask strength without chill filtration or the addition of any colour. On the nose it’s quite strong and meaty, non perfumed candle wax, clove and some nutmeg, coffee grounds; all very nice. With water there is some small shift but nothing of note; it holds together well. The undiluted taste is still strong however there is lots from the nose; the meatiness, candle waxiness, heather, the clove and nutmeg and some warm honey (Manuka is very fashionable these days so we’ll go with that name) along with cold dark tea (unsweetened) and some dried apricots. The diluted taste brings out more of the honey and coffee grounds but remains pretty much true to the undiluted sample and still very nice. Lots of good solid notes that have banished the heather some what. The finish is a little dry with some nice malt moments and then becomes a lot drier with some aspartame (artificial sweetener) along with the clove and nutmeg

WI scored this 82 points prior to the existence of Whisky Intelligence but now feel it deserves a higher score. Such is the publishers prerogative…   


Score 86

Please visit A.D. Rattray at www.dewarrattray.com Part 3 of 4 featruring the whiskeis of A.D. Dewar Rattray this week.

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