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Hip-flask fill complete – Lagavulin 2011 Release / 12 Year Old

(From our friends at Abbey Whisky) I’ve been thinking long and hard this week wondering what I can fill the hip-flask with. Its one of my best friends wedding this weekend, so I wanted to make it a good one. I raided the whisky cabinet to see what I could find and came across this little gem…

Part of Diageo’s Annual Special Releases, this limited edition bottling was distilled in 1999 and left to mature in American oak casks before being bottled in 2011.

Lagavulin 2011 Release / 12 Year Old

Nose: Great smell of smoke and ash hits you at first followed by a slight antiseptic/hospital smell, seaweed, bonfire, and a slight lingering sweetness at the back.

Palate: Very oily, creamy, salty brine flavours hits the back of the throat with a warm soothing feeling. A little water softens the flavours and brings flavours of lapsang souchong tea.

Finish: Long, smokey, coating the mouth with oily flavours.

Overall: A superb tasting dram.

I think I’ve hit a winner with this one. Hip-flask is full and looking forward to it’s outing tomorrow. Only problem is, do I take the bottle with me for refills, as I really don’t want to share this one!

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